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This is How Ciara lost 20 Lbs Since The Beginning of Her Career

Ciara has revealed how she’s achieved her weight loss and it’s much easier than you might think.

Singer Ciara, 33, has opened up about what she did to lose 20 lbs since releasing her debut single ‘Goodies’ in 2004. Ciara’s original process for fitness was to spot train for events like music videos, however she was left feeling like she wasn’t mentally committed and wasn’t seeing the results she wanted.

After her career skyrocketed Ciara began to focus more on her fitness, enlisting the help of a personal trainer who put together an effective routine, introduced her to the method of eating five small meals a day. 

The mother of two continued to praise the methods benefits to still be working for her fifteen years later and helping her body to function like a well-oiled machine. However, Ciara also likes to keep it simple making sure to drink lots of water.

Almost a gallon and a half of water a day to be exact.  Alongside her diet the singer also sticks to a regular fitness routine which is designed to effectively hit every target area. Ciara has described her workouts as being a combination of plyometrics, cardiovascular work and weight lifting.

Ciara also has the support of her husband, Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks quarterback. The pair often work out with each other treating it like a competition which helps to motivate them.

The Texas native has been committed to this lifestyle for a few years now, working out constantly four days a week with planned days off to let her heal alongside her eating schedule.

The transformation of her weight loss methods can be seen and often inspire her fans to follow suit. It’s good to see that Ciara has found a healthy lifestyle that is making her feel rewarded and happier.

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