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Drew Barrymore Sculpts Stomach to Fix Post Pregnancy Ab Separation

Charlie’s Angel actress, Drew Barrymore has decided to take the road less traveled by sculpting her stomach to fix her post-pregnancy ab separation. She did this so she could do what she loves doing — working out!

Giving birth is both an emotional and a physical journey for women around the world, as it transitions them into motherhood. One of the most apparent changes that happen during childbirth is the increase in stomach size and other abdomen related issues. The latter is the case of Drew Barrymore as even five years after her last delivery, still has problems with her abs.

When a woman gets pregnant, the abdominal muscles separate to make way for the fetus. After the pregnancy, the core usually goes back to its original place. However, in Drew’s case, the core never went back together. As a workout enthusiast, the actress kept getting injured because her body did not heal as it should have.

To sort out the issue so that she could get back to her workouts, Barrymore decided to opt for something called EMSCULPT. This non-invasive, electromagnetic treatment eliminates the fat cells in the body and also helps in tightening muscles that need it. The actor emphasized that it was not something she did for aesthetics but more of a way to fix her abs, so she could hit the gym again.

The 44-year-old actress practices hot yoga, physical therapy, and some Pilates, while EMSCULPT helps her further strengthen her core. Following this routine, she unwinds and has some fun with dance cardio. Barrymore jokes that she can’t go to the club and dance because she is now a mother. So for her, the perfect way to find the balance is to dance it all out in her dance cardio class.

The actress aims to make the second half of her life healthier and wants to be a full-time mom, and remain invested in her career.

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