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Everything You Need To Know About Apple Fitness+

Apple never fails to surprise its users with a variety of modern high-end products and accessories. From the back-to-back versions of the iPhone series to the latest version of Apple Watch Series 6, iOS users can’t get enough when it comes to staying up-to-date. Besides, a wide range of apps like iTunes, FaceTime, Apple Maps, Apple Music aims to make the life of the Apple device users an entertaining one.

With the sudden outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, just when you’re cynical about the latest development, Apple has launched a completely new subscription-based fitness service Apple Fitness+. This is one of a kind fitness services-based application by Apple powered by the elusive Apple Watch. With multiple workout categories and custom guided workouts, the app has so much more to offer.

Apple Fitness+ -What Exactly is This?

Right now, almost the entire world is reeling under the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Remote work has become a new reality. People are reluctant to leave their place to hit the trail or fitness center for their usual wellness purposes. Such is the tricky time when Apple decided to debut their new fitness services to make the best of the depressive situation.

With its Apple Fitness+ service launch, Apple Inc gives a new dose of fresh air to the fitness enthusiasts who love to use their devices. Powered by the latest version of the Apple Watch, you could use this app-based service as your virtual gym and personal trainer if used correctly. Through Apple Fitness+, anyone can stay active if they want to perform several home workouts guided by world-class trainers.

Apple Fitness+ Videos

Currently, the app is available on the major Apple platforms like iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad. Users need to update their respective devices to install the subscription-based fitness application. There is a lot of video content exclusively available for the users that they can access free of cost.

Most of the training videos are ideal for a home workout environment. And you could use it to practice aerobics, freehand exercises, weight training, and cycling. Most of the workouts are easy-to-do home workouts without the help of heavy fitness devices.

Extensive Range Of Video Categories

The video categories that the subscription-based app offers is huge. With such a white number of videos available in the application, you have many options, to begin with. Exercises such as core workout, strength exercise, freehand movements, cycling, Treadmill Run, have made the app a one-stop fitness application that anyone will love to access. Besides using the music for home exercises, you could also use it at a professional gymnasium. That’s because the app also offers exercises with modern fitness devices.

Sync It to Apple Watch

Probably the key feature of Apple Fitness+ is its Apple Watch integration. The fitness app gets synced with the Apple Watch device and keeps all the fitness-related stats in a single place. It includes everything from burning of your calories to heart rate or workout length. The app will show every real-time data to your screen, fetching information from the smartwatch. So, you can always keep a watchful eye on the upper right-hand corner of your primary device to know the real-time statistics.

So no more looking down at your wrist while doing workouts when you can see it on the screen. You can also compare your data with others using the app to workout. It also lets you set the countdown timer for the added push towards your fitness goal. In case you don’t have an Apple Watch device, don’t worry, as you can still use the application and see all the content you wish for.

Apple Music Integration

This application-based service allows even non-Apple Music users to access workout music from Apple Music. The service provider uniquely articulates the custom-made playlists in one place. It seems pretty cool for the people who love to listen to the songs during their workouts.

The brand-new fitness service by Apple Inc is available for the users from $9.99/month or $79.99 annually. If you purchase the annual pack, the charge will dwindle a little. But If you’ve recently bought an Apple Watch Series 3 product, then you are eligible to get a 3-month of a free trial. Isn’t it cool?

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