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Fitness Blogger Anna Victoria Gains 10lbs and Loves Her New Body

The well-known fitness influencer, Anna Victoria, revealed that she has been trying to get pregnant and has been going through fertility treatments. On her Instagram account, Anna shared her new lifestyle and body changes, as well as how these changes have affected her on an emotional level. The strongest message the influencer sends is that she won’t let her new figure affect her self-esteem.

About eight months ago, Victoria shared that she was going to ease her workout routine down. The fertility treatments didn’t leave her much choice – she had to slow it down, for her physical and mental health. Victoria also recently shared a picture showing how the changes in her lifestyle had affected her body.

Now: Some weeks I work out 3x a week, some weeks 2x, some weeks 4x. When I do work out, it’s either a Tone or Sculpt workout, but only strength training, no cardio. My workouts are a lower intensity overall since I’m supposed to be keeping my heart rate down. I didn’t lower my macros so I have been working out less and eating the same amount. My eating balance has been about 70/30.”

Anna’s fertility treatments have changed a lot about her. They made her more cautious of her health, doing lower intensity workouts. The blogger wasn’t going to give up exercise altogether, but it seems like her motivation changed: Anna is committed to staying healthy and fit, but watching her weight is not as important anymore. With the new exercise changes, came a new body, as Anna had put on 10 pounds. Thankfully she isn’t letting it affect her esteem any longer.

In Anna’s words about herself, as well as a way to encourage others, she wrote: “I still love my body and I hope you love yours too.” Truly inspiring, coming from a fitness persona!

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