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Five Ways to Stay Fit at Home

reBeing fit is when you can do everyday activities, such as walking, climbing up stairs, lifting things around your home, or reaching items on high surface without hardship or feeling of fatigue. The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore.

However, not everyone has the time or resources to visit a gym, and especially when there’s a pandemic, going to a gym is not at all an option. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can stay fit at home. In this post, we will share with you six ways on how you can stay fit even at home.

Keep Moving around Your Home

Allow yourself to be active at home by simply walking around the house for five minutes. You can do it either at a healthy pace or briskly. This will help strengthen your respiratory endurance to gather, process, and deliver oxygen throughout your body system. You can also use your staircase to do a step up and down exercise. Jumping ropes, jumping jacks, and jogging in place has the same effect too.

For a full-body workout, you can try basic movement and increase weight or variations when necessary:

  1. Plank for a couple of minutes as this helps to develop your balance and strengthen your abdominals.
  2. Target several squats to strengthen your legs, glutes, and lower back. As our daily activity requires us a lot of walking or moving from one place to another, beginners can start from 50-100 repetition.
  3. Push-ups will help you build a healthy upper body—strong arms, chest, and back for better body posture. Beginners can try doing it on knees. Aim for 20-30 repetitions.

Work with Your Coordination

silhouette-of-ballet-dancerAside from improving the condition of your heart and lungs, dancing is a fun way to stay fit at home. It is one of the most engaging activities in physical fitness because it helps in boosting our emotional and social well-being. This exercise develops a mind and body connection because your body needs to synchronize with the music while also memorizing the dance moves.

Dance workshops are available on YouTube or follow your favorite dance artist on Instagram for their online dance tutorials. If memorizing steps is hard for you, you can still dance your hearts by just mimicking your dance instructor. Try to attend an online class for Zumba or search for Hip Hop Abs on YouTube.

If dancing is not your thing, don’t worry because there are other things you can try in developing your coordination, such as doing home chores with your non-dominant hand. Since coordination is the ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement, try washing dishes using your left hand (if you are right-handed) or when brushing your teeth.

Eat Healthily

Healthy foodStay fit by eating healthy at all times. Plan your meal according to your body needs as there are different food requirement that matches different body types. You can find instruction about basic healthy food by following the standard of the food pyramid.

Know the basics, such as avoiding junk food and excessive fats and oil. Keep a good source of protein from meats and veggies. And make juices from fruit extracts at home. Make sure to eat healthy snacks.

Stay Hydrated

Our body consists of 60 percent water, and you need to replenish it regularly. A hydrated body regulates the blood flow as it consists of more than 90 percent of water, delivering oxygen throughout our body. Water also helps to flush out toxins in our bodies through proper digestion. Thus, improving your complexion and resulting in healthy and glowing skin. Having a lot of water in the body also boosts our performance during exercise.

Feed Your Mind

person-reading-book-and-holding-coffeeGet offline the internet for a couple of hours in a day to achieve mental clarity. Browsing all day is the exact opposite of exercise. It stops you from moving and negates you from being active. Try to read books (not eBooks) as this improves your creativity and memory. Engage yourself with puzzles and playing games such as chess. Also, try something new by all means, but don’t feel the pressure to do so. Use this time not only to boost your body but also to give time for your mental health.

Of course, consistency is the key to achieve a fit and healthy body. Our body needs to become adaptive with our regular exercise so that it becomes a habit. And once it becomes a habit, then it will become a lifestyle. Being active and fit at home has shown to have many health benefits, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Regular exercise helps us to do more and live longer.

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