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Newbie at the Gym? Here’s Everything You Need to Know as a Beginner at the Gym

When a person determinedly decides to be physically fit, the very first thing that comes to his mind is to join a Gym. And it often proves to be a good decision, as many studies have proved that gyming shows fast and prompt results on newbies. The term, newbie for gyming, refers to the people who did not indulge themselves in any gym activities or heavy exercises over a period of one year before joining a gym.

There are many pieces of evidence available from different studies that, newbies achieve faster lean muscle gain and desired body changes than regular gym-going people. This is because when your body and mind experience something new, they react more rapidly and abruptly to react to the new experience, due to some neurological and hormonal changes, resulting in positive results from the gym. But as your mind and body get used to the gym workout, they become more habitual of such experiences and thus respond slowly to the workout.

Therefore, it is recommended to develop good habits and consistency during the early days in the gym to make most of your newbie gym status and accomplish your desired goals. Below are some tips to help you with your newbie status.

Take some caffeine before a workout

Caffeine increases your energy level and stimulates the central nervous system. As per a few studies, caffeine intake before a workout not only increases your energy levels but makes exercising more fun.

Make a plan

You should have a plan before going to the gym about what exercises you will do, and how much time you will spend on a particular exercise. This will prevent you from wasting time at the gym, thinking about where to start and what to do next. Also, you should have a plan B, just in case you find your desired machine is broken or the floor space is occupied. Plan B will aid you to go for alternatives to save your time.

Make a song’s playlist

It is recommended to have a playlist of motivational songs, which makes you feel powerful and strong and encourages you to go one step ahead. Make sure your earplugs are convenient to use at the gym.

Start with warm-up exercises

It is beneficial to start the workout with warm-up exercises, including some dynamic stretches. This will prepare your body for a heavy workout, as dynamic stretches gradually increase heart rate and body temperature and start to warm up the muscles. Warm-up exercises can prevent you from severe muscle cramps and body aches.

Limit the recovery time

To develop muscle endurance, the recommended recovery time is between 30 seconds to 90 seconds. More repetitions and less resistance with 30 seconds of resting are ideal for building stamina.

Consider your body signs

While pushing yourself, decreasing recovery time is an efficient way to acquire more stamina. However, you should consider what your body is telling you. If your body is getting over-stressed and giving you extreme pains, then you should hold on because your body still needs time to get prone to heavy workouts. If you find that your performance at the gym is deteriorating and the intensity you put gets lower and lower at the gym then it is better to take some rest, or instead of the gym, go for a swim, bike ride, light rum, or yoga. This will help to heal your body.

Maintain duration and frequency

Remember consistency is the key to all achievement. Therefore, you should make a routine of going to the gym every day. Also, you should gradually increase the duration and frequency of your exercises and reduce your time for rest to continue to strengthen your stamina. It is recommended to go to the gym, at least 3-5 days a week, for not less than 20 minutes.

Use power of the mind

The brain is the most powerful organ of the human body and to improve physical stamina, one should feed his mind with positive affirmations, so that he can achieve whatever he wants. When the mind gets motivated enough, physical exertion to gain stamina will become easier.


A newbie to the gym should start by taking small steps but with complete determination, and increase the intensity of the workout gradually. The most important thing for a newbie is to remain consistent and regular in his gym routine to achieve his desired goals.

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