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RHOBH’s Teddi Mellencamp Shows Off Her Body Transformation

To celebrate her 38th birthday, the health and wellness coach who stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took to Instagram to show her major body transformations over the years.

The RHOBH star celebrated her birthday sharing two pictures with fans to mark the occasion: one from a birthday a few years ago and another from now. Mellencamp has been open in the past about her struggles with her health and fitness describing herself in the first picture as “truly struggling with taking care of myself when it came to health and fitness,I remember having to step on the scale at the doctor — and the tears when the doc said, ‘Teddi, you’re 5’3” and over 200lbs.’’

She continued to write: “Now, (I’m) going into my 38th year with four years of consistent commitment to my lifestyle,” she said. “(For) years I have been All IN — no yo-yo. And even when I do get a little “wild” (for instance, you may have seen me on #RHOBH in Provence), I have the tools to reel it back in rather than letting myself unravel for week’s worth of choices that don’t work for me.”

Mellencamp has said that through her struggle she has figured out how to maintain a healthy weight and help others do the same. She is now a health and wellness coach who has her own fitness program, All In by Teddi.

The mother of three has talked about how her weight ‘fluctuated’ for many years in further on her website. She expressed to fans how her weight gain after pregnancy with her son Cruz left her feeling ‘broken inside.’

Mellencamp was kind enough to share some tips, mentioning the use of dairy-free diets and regular workouts as significant factors that contributed to her success. Summing up her birthday post, Teddi Says that she is looking forward to this next year, now that she has confidence in her ability to look after her health.

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