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Study Proves That Mushrooms Are More Effective Than Meat In Weight Loss

The health benefits of vegetables are general knowledge, but amidst all the various types of vegetables, one is always deemed irrelevant when trying to get maximum nutrients – mushrooms. This doesn’t come as a surprise, however, as they are usually associated with pizza toppings, indulgent fry-up breakfasts, and buttery side dishes. However, this vegetable that is vastly misunderstood is on its way to being crowned champion of the ‘latest must-eat weight-loss food’ competition. Findings published in the journal Appetite say that enriching your menu with mushrooms gives you the advantage of eating a filling, plant-based protein without the saturated fat and sodium you get from the consumption of the same proportion of meat.

Roasted Potato and Kale Salad With Marinated Mushrooms

There are thousands and thousands of species of mushroom. There exist edible ones and, of course, those that are not edible. Technically, Mushrooms are not a vegetable, instead, they are fungi. However, because they do provide many of the various nutritional benefits that vegetables do, the USDA chooses to group them under vegetables.

These high in protein vegetables are resourceful and can be prepared in many diverse ways. Usually, they are added to dishes for the provision of some extra flavor and also to improve texture. They can also be said to be nutritious food, providing you with various minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Mushrooms are the lone vegetable source of vitamin D.

One study investigated 73 obese adults to determine the effects (if any) swapping red meat for mushrooms had on the body. The participants were required to consume a diet containing one of red meat or mushrooms.

After a year, the results showed that individuals in the mushroom group were consuming 173 fewer calories and 4.5 grams less fat on average per day than their red meat consuming counterparts. This, therefore, made them lose more weight and achieve lower BMI’s and waist circumferences.

Another study revealed that mice who were placed on a high-fat diet while being also given a high dose of a mushroom extract significantly gained less weight than the mice that were only placed on a high-fat diet. It is, however, pertinent to note that the extract used in this study was obtained from the Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) mushroom and that additional testing would be necessary to ascertain if the same effect could be experienced in humans.

The most recent research to further fuel the mushroom hypothesis compared how full 17 men and 15 women felt after consuming two servings of either mushrooms or minced beef. The study which lasted ten days equaled the protein content in 226 grams of mushrooms and 28 grams of minced beef, finding out that people who had the mushrooms option at breakfast appeared to be less hungry, felt more satisfied, and didn’t snack as much subsequently.

Mushrooms have been found to contain small quantities of dietary fiber and protein, which are known to assist with weight loss. Both dietary fiber and protein help you eat less as they make you get full faster. Numerous studies have revealed that an increase in fiber and protein intake can lead to the consumption of fewer calories in the long run. While mushrooms are certainly not the best source of fiber or protein, they do help supplement and boost your overall intake.

Eating mushrooms also help increase your water intake, and this is important because many people mistake thirst caused by dehydration for hunger, causing them to overeat.

Raw Mushroom Salad with Sesame-Ginger Brown Butter

It is no news that high-protein breakfasts are one of the best you can have when you are on a weight loss program as they apparently feed your muscles and fill you up for a longer period, and in turn fueling your metabolism. This study proposes that the particular source of your breakfast protein plays a huge role in how well the nutrient functions in your body. Hence, if you aim to lose weight, significantly reducing your fat intake by limiting to a minimum the consumption of animal products and consuming more plant-based protein sources may just be the best meal to begin your day with.

Now that you know one of the secrets of mushrooms, now would be a good time to start consuming them more often. If possible, stock your homes with enough mushrooms and set that weight loss program plan into motion!

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