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Dean McDermott is Battling Pneumonia with Positivity

Dean McDermott is definitely in a low moment now. However, that doesn’t stop him from staying positive about his current Pneumonia condition. Dean took it upon himself to offer his fans some insight into his current health situation.

In a statement on his Instagram page just two days after being in the hospital, the actor thanked his fans for their moral support. Dean states that he is currently being hospitalized for Pneumonia and is being well taken care of by the medical team. He remains positive despite this setback and assures fans that soon, he will be back stronger than ever.

The reality star didn’t miss the opportunity to remind his followers once again how much he loves his wife, and spoke about his family, saying he can’t wait to be back with them. His five children obviously can’t wait to see their dad too.

The post in which 52-year-old revealed his health condition featured a selfie of McDermott, with breathing tubes attached to his face. In the caption, the actor stated that he was admitted with what appeared to be a Meningitis kind of Pneumonia.

McDermott finally closed the update with a reminder to his fans to check his latest podcast, Daddy Issues podcast, for his most recent episode.

The actor concluded his Instagram post by adding several hashtags which tell of his current situation. However grim it may seem, Dean is staying positive about his current condition and believes that he will be back to action much stronger than before. His attitude is especially inspiring, given that Dean had never been so sick before. Like his fans, we also hope that to see him back on his feet soon.

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