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Gloria Gaynor Undergoes Successful Spine Surgery after Four Decades of Back Pains

Gloria Gaynor, the unforgettable disco singer has been suffering from a continual pain caused by an unexpected stage accident. Doctors recommended she undergo spine surgery to resolve the pains. While speaking to PEOPLE, Gaynor confessed she feared she would take her last breathe on the operating table. The surgery was conducted by Dr. Hooman M. Melamed, a board-certified spine surgeon based in Los Angeles.

This is what Dr. Melamed said about Gloria’s surgery: “I had to perform one of the most difficult surgeries [involving] breaking her spine then reconstructing it. This procedure is [rare] because it is so complex and requires a great deal of precision.” Said Dr. Melamed. Thankfully, Gloria knew she was in good hands.

Gaynor’s pain began way back in 1978 at the New York City’s Beacon Theatre while she was on stage with the dancers. She tripped and fell over a monitor while performing. When she woke up the next morning, feeling numb from her waist downwards, Gloria panicked and called her then-boyfriend to help her. The talented singer first underwent surgery the same year.

The first 1978 surgery was done to get rid of a ruptured disc and to fuse a vertebra in her lower spine. The star went through another operation in 1997, to correct the spinal stenosis, which came as a result of the first surgery. Though the initial 1978 surgery helped her back on her feet, it did not entirely erase Gaynor’s suffering. Some of her employees were convinced that she couldn’t perform again. Years later, the powerful lady bounced back with a hit track titled I Will Survive.

Gaynor has created nine albums that have topped the chart for over ten years. She is now fully healed and free from spinal pain. Her 2018’s two-part surgery, despite being extremely delicate, paid off. And we couldn’t be happier for her!

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