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Health Insurance: Necessity or Luxury?

woman jumping healthyMost people do not understand the real essence of a health insurance. Some people may see it as a necessity, but some also find it as a waste of money and just a luxury. It is usually described based on the income level of the one who defines it but there are more to understand so you could also have your own definition of the term. For countries that just have low income setting, people may see it as a luxury because it influences their capability of paying as to how they see and perceive it. On the other hand, people from middle income set-up mostly find it as a necessity since they could afford it.

What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance refers to any program which is correlating to any medical expenses coverage for its members, offered either by a private institution or by the government. This gives an advantage once you need it, as it helps you be covered when there is any unexpected illness that affects you or your family, especially when you do not have any cash or finance to cover and pay for your medical bills. Though cards are usually used to pay in the US, medical expenses are known to be much expensive to be paid through debit or credit cards so most people would rather have health insurance cover all expenses.

Some people look at health insurance at something they need, while others think the opposite.

Health Insurance as a Necessity

savings piggy bankNecessity means required and relating this to health insurance mean that there are people who believe they need health insurance for their everyday lives, as if it is part of their monthly bills and food budget. And why not? Health insurance covers your top priority which is health so this is something important but can also be acquired just by those who could pay for its fees and service charges.

For most people who could afford paying for health insurances being offered, this goes as a necessity since health is a top priority. They are able to deal with medical emergencies without feeling stressed thinking of the financial aspects, since having health insurance will cover possible medical expenses and needs.

Everyone knows that even the healthiest person today could be sick any time, especially with the flu season, as it is easier being transferred from an infected patient to a well and healthy individual. If you do have a health insurance, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can afford medication, or can seek medical treatment since your health insurance will make sure you are covered.

Health Insurance as a Luxury

coins moneyWhile some could afford paying for it as they find it as a requirement for them to live well and be protected, there are people who also just find it as a luxury and just an option. Some would opt to live a healthy lifestyle instead to ensure that there will be no medical concerns while others would stay hopeful and take their chances. Not all people could afford paying its service fees and charges so even it provides a very important part to protect its members from unexpected expenses, they just find it as a luxury and not required at all.

But what you have to keep in mind is that even the healthiest person might still have a medical emergency. Health is tricky and we don’t really know whether or not we might get sick, so making sure you can afford to, should be a priority. If you’re worried about the cost, you can also compare the different offers and figure out the best insurance that can fit your budget, while doing its vital role of protecting you from any unforeseen medical emergency.

But choosing a health insurance shouldn’t be taken impulsively. Make sure that you take the time to check out all your options, and understand each plan being offered. You have to be vigilant in choosing the insurance plan that you can not only afford, but can also provide you or your family with the coverage that you need.

Your health is a vital part of your well-being, and making sure it’s protected is a necessary investment. So to answer the question, health insurance is a necessity and ne that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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