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This Is How You Can Deal With Difficult Emotions

Life moves on at a fast pace and that’s a fact that can’t be denied. Your daily schedule is chock-a-bloc with your work stressors, family, and relationships. This hard-hitting reality, combined with the increasing pressures of society and technology, can actually have an adverse impact on your marriage. Consequently, emotions such as fear, anger, loneliness, and confusion can make you burst out.

These emotions are the most powerful forces of one’s life. In such a scenario, mindfulness happens to be the key solution to all these problems. You can calm yourself down and overcome all the hurdles if you practice mindfulness religiously. Rather than reacting, all you have to do is reflect and respond accordingly. Below are a few steps that can help you realize and deal with all the difficult emotions that keep cropping up inside you.

Accept Your Emotions

Once you realize the presence of your emotions, try to observe where they have arisen from. There might be several physical manifestations such as a rapid heart rate, tension, tightening of your throat, and many others through which you can feel your emotions. The moment you become aware of them, don’t ignore them. Sit with whatever emotion you might be having like depression, anger, grief, anxiety, shame, sadness, guilt, etc. Try to address them without delay. If you find it tough, just get up and either walk around or get involved in any activity. The pivotal thing here is you must not push away or reject your emotions. If you bottle up your emotions within you, you are bound to explode at a later stage and even go through a complete shutdown. Pay heed to your emotions. They are trying to inform you about a major crisis that might strike you later on.

Label Your Emotion

Acknowledge the presence of your emotions in a different way. Rather than saying that you are angry, try to label it as anger. Likewise, don’t say you are anxious. Instead, label it as anxiety. You need to do the same thing for the rest of your emotions. This is an effective way to accept their presence and empowering yourself to keep a safe distance from them at the same time. You can get some relief from the particular emotion you are going through. Aside from this, you can also stay in the present moment and tell yourself that everything is fine and this phase will be over soon. Stop blaming yourself. That would put you in a very negative state of mind. Hence, rather than taking yourself out of the crisis, you will get more sucked into it. Stop being so critical about yourself. That wouldn’t do you any good. Stop thinking about what the outcome would have been had you reacted in a different way.

Understand That Your Emotions Are Not Permanent

Remember that each and every emotion is impermanent. They reside within you, arise, and then disappear after some time. Of course, it’s not that easy to keep this in mind when you are experiencing a rush of emotions or are passing through a difficult time. Never stop yourself from accepting your emotions, as it has been discussed before. Try to observe the rise of your emotions with patience and utmost attention. Witness them. Give them the freedom to rise to its highest point.

You will notice that they will evaporate after a certain period of time. Ask yourself a few questions such as what is the feeling all about, where is it, what you require, how can you allow it to develop, what can you do for your loved one, what can your partner do for you, so on and so forth. These are focused questions that will need you to respond. Once you do, it will be a lot easier for you to promote compassion, empathy, and of course, the connection between you and your partner.

Never Control Your Emotions

If you want to deal with your emotions mindfully, you have to stop yourself from controlling them. Controlling and restricting your range of emotions will take you nowhere. Pay heed to what your partner wants to convey. By giving that importance, you will automatically acquire a detailed understanding of certainly your emotions as well as the interactions that encircle them between you two.

Feel free to explore and discuss your emotions with your partner. If you don’t communicate and inform them about what you are going through, misunderstandings will prevail and that is harmful to any relationship.

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