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Are You Suffering from Eco-Anxiety? Here Are Some Therapeutic Aids that Can Help You!

Eco-anxiety is a thing now, and every time you see the newspapers or browse through the internet, you see stuff that makes you go on an anxiety overdrive. This anxiety is closely linked to the things that are happening to nature and our environment. Right from instances like the ice caps melting to the rising of sea levels, everything is scary and impacts our thought processes in more ways than one.

The Feeling of Being Eco-Anxious

Just the thought of our planet Earth dying, makes us feel nervous, our hands clammy and a strange sense of fear grips us. The constant bombardment of news makes it worse. You end up feeling worried all the time as there is no respite from the constant panic and fear. If you are concerned about the environment and the impact of your actions, to the extent that it stops you from leading a normal and carefree life – you are suffering from eco-anxiety.

Well, this is not a figment of anybody’s mind. It is very real and has even been endorsed by the American Psychological Association (APA), which states that one of the biggest dangers of climate change is its severe impact on mental health in America. Psychologists are worried that this anxiety can have grave consequences on people’s minds. Some of the results of being worried about your environment include health disorders, depression, aggression, and violence. Is there a way of getting out of it? Being conscious is something else, but being overtly anxious about something is another. We have to find a common ground where we are conscious about our environment and can take steps to improve them.

Talk About it

Climate change is a reality that nobody can ignore, and while there is no way of sugar-coating this frightening truth, there is no use hiding it from anyone, especially your kids. If you are worried about something, talking about it may help ease off the burden a little. It happens to the best of us, so don’t think it’s unusual. If you get anxious at a certain time of the day, it is best to get some company in that duration to lower your anxiety burden.

You may not feel like keeping anyone company at that time of the day, but just the thought of talking to someone and not being left alone with your anxious thoughts is a great tool to make you cope with the anxiety. Similarly, you can discuss your concerns about the environment with your friends and lower the risk of getting worried. You need to be more open about the situation with the kids. Hiding something won’t help you as they are more likely to know the truth from an outside source that can be exaggerated, thus making the situation worse.

Do Something Together As a Family

Committing to positive environmental actions begins right at home. Indulging in daily environment-friendly practices can lower your eco-anxiety to a great extent. Start with yourself and your children will follow. You can discuss various options such as conserving energy and saving resources in your household. Some of the actions you can take are to adjust the thermostat and put on more warm clothes.

Do something creative about your leftovers to lower food waste, ditch the car and settle for cycles or consider walking to go to your school or office. Consider buying at thrift stores instead of looking for new ones always. Start a backyard garden. Encourage everyone to help you stay focused and do your best to create a beautiful world without it getting impacted in any way.

The Art of Appreciating Nature

Life, as we know it now, is within the four walls of our home and office. We need to get out of this constricted circle and embrace nature as often as we can. Similarly, you have to coerce your kids to venture out more and stay connected to nature. The earlier you start with children, the more acquainted with nature they become later in life.  Providing children with opportunities to enjoy their surroundings from an early age helps them become more familiar with the natural world. Try things like forest bathing, stargazing, or just try out the power of observation.

Learn to get more connected to nature, this will significantly promote your well-being and improve your emotional health. Thus, lowering your eco-anxiety.

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