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6 Tips on How to Accomplish Anything You Want

There is always something we want to do in our lives, and yet we still just don’t. Whether that is a life goal such as starting a home business, or just a simple daily thing like getting up early, quitting alcohol, or reducing time on the web, you have something that is keeping you back, preventing you from reaching your desired destination. Every one of us has the same problem – we say “I really should to that” almost constantly, and continue forgetting it until the next time when guilt comes back to our minds. There are several barriers which should be considered and, eventually, crossed, too.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are six most common barriers and how to deal with them.

I don’t have enough time 

This is probably the most common excuse of all. We all think that we are working too much and don’t have the time. Still, this is the greatest lie of all. It is actually more of justification for activities that we actually don’t want to commit to in specific circumstances. If we think about the unimportant things we do such as web browsing or watching TV, we will understand that we surely have plenty of time! The important thing is to list the priorities in our lives. First, reduce the time in front of the TV or on a smartphone. Second, consider the things you want to do more and start doing it now. Don’t wait for things to get fixed by themselves. Start exercising today, even if it is only for a half an hour. That way, you will notice that you actually have time for the things you really want to do in your life.

I am not motivated enough

Often, we just don’t have the right motivation. For example, we exercise just to lose weight or learn just to pass the exam. Always look for a long term motivation. Exercise because of your health and learn because of yourself! Think about this and shift your brain to these goals and you will feel relieved instantly. Furthermore, motivate yourself anytime with motivational quotes and stories — it will have a huge impact on you!

It is hard

We sometimes focus on the pain instead on the result. For example, we will say “It is raining,” “It is cold,” “It is late,” etc. and instantly lower our will to start exercising or doing some other things we wanted to. The more we focus on the uncomfortable factors around us, the harder it will become to implement the action itself, and the motivation will just disappear. Instead of this, focus on goals like “I am going to be healthy,” “My problems with a headache will soon disappear,” and similar thoughts.

I can’t accomplish multiple goals

One of the things that keep us away from success is a lot of goals in front of us. We have multiple goals and eventually give up because it becomes hard. Instead of giving yourself multiple goals, try to focus on one goal at the time. That way, you will save your strength and have more chance to succeed. Move on to other goals only after you’ve successfully reached the current one. If you find it helpful, write down your goal and simplify it further. Do whatever it takes to make it easier for you.

I “should” do it

To succeed, you must change your language first. Turn “should” into “must”. The language you use every day will carry energy with it. For example, if you say yourself that you “must” do something, you will immediately feel a sense of priority for it. Avoid saying “I should really do…” and instead say “I must do… because I will get…” – you will feel the difference instantly!

I will fail

This happens to all of us. We simply doubt ourselves. To ensure the success, you can start with a popular 30-day training. Your motivation will remain at a high level for a month, and you’ll persist easier. If you can repeat an activity for 30 days, it will become your habit, and you’ll integrate it into your routine easier. You can also start with seven days challenge, then extend it on 14, 21, and finally 30 days. That way, you will be assured that you can continue the activity further, if you want to, of course.

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