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Here Is How You Can Stay Motivated to Lift Heavier and Smash Your Fitness Goals!

Lifting heavy weights at the gym is not just a fitness goal, but can motivate you to get stronger physically and mentally, and stay fit in the long run. However, most of us balk at the prospect of lifting at the gym, but you can seek inspiration from someone like 74 years old Joan MacDonald, an influencer who stunned the world with her admirable physique.

Her incredible fitness journey has earned her more than 89,900 fans on Instagram. Well, if she can turn the clock back on aging, why not everyone else. It was her daughter – Michelle MacDonald – a professional trainer and her coach, who inspired her to take on lifting to change her health and get a lean physique as a happy by-product. So, if you still don’t find the motivation to lift heavy weights, here are some ways to motivate you to ditch the couch and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Get a Workout Buddy!

If you don’t feel enough motivation to pick up the dumbbells, you can get someone on board – that’s right, your workout buddy. When you have someone to alongside, they can inspire you to move past your limits. A workout buddy can be anyone – your brother, sister, parents, life partner. On days you don’t feel like getting up and working out, your workout buddy will help you brush off your laziness and get back to your fitness routine.

Set Regular Goals

Your goals can keep changing as you begin your fitness journey. You may start with the aim to improve your health parameters, lower your blood sugar levels or improve your cholesterol levels. You can then keep going and motivate yourself to do the workouts by taking pictures.

Yes, a progress picture is the best way to evaluate your struggle. A weighing machine may not be the ultimate way to evaluate your health.  Yes, you may lose weight but the greater marker is gaining lean muscle and losing body fat as it is the only way to improve your health. So, click pictures and find out how you look after 15 days and a month or if your clothes are fitting you better. If you start losing inches, it will help you stay motivated in your fitness journey.

Set a Schedule

Not all newbies will remain motivated to get up and work out, leading to them missing workouts over time. Hence, it is better to set a schedule and make a pact with yourself that you are not going to miss working out on those stipulated dates. Figure out those days smartly so that you cannot come up with excuses later on. Better still, workout first thing in the morning, so you can strike that off in your to-do list. Thus, you’ll be able to stick to your schedule and get better results.

Progressive Overload

Ensure you keep lifting heavy as you get stronger. This workout procedure will define your muscles and increase your lean body mass. Of course, you’ll need a trainer to guide you in the process. Start your deadlift with only five kgs and gradually move to heavier weights. The aim to lift weights more than your body weight may turn out to be the ultimate goal for you, something that will motivate you to lift heavier. Once you start seeing results, you will feel stronger.

Get the Best Playlist

Good music can help you start like nothing else. Concoct the best playlist ever that will make you get ready in your clothes and start your day with a motivating workout. On those days that you do not feel like working out, you can put it on your prized list, and have your perfect sequence of songs to keep up the rhythm. Choose the best workout music, something that suits your mood. More often than not, loud and energetic music can do the trick.

Quantified Nutrition

Eating according to the requirement of your body, not more and not less, will help you lose weight in the right way. Use online tools to find out the exact number of calories your body needs, based on your activity levels. Then eat according to the data at your hand. This will take time to figure out but once you do so, you’ll be able to lose weight and get fitter in no time. It won’t be a diet, but a lifestyle change that you can follow forever.

So, are you willing to give ‘lifting weights’ a try? Let us know in the comments section below.

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