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Easy but Effective Ways to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Goals

Everyone has goals to achieve in life. Goals are what drive people to push on with life. However, the motivation to pursue one’s goals diminishes at times. This may be as a result of self-doubt and discouragement from other people, among other reasons. If you lack the motivation to continue chasing your dreams, we have a few ways through which you can regain the psyche.

 Go after your passion, not money

Most people might strongly oppose this idea. Money is important in life. For many individuals, money is the number one factor when choosing careers.

While money may be your initial motivation to join a particular field, you will soon get bored if you lack the passion. This is essentially the case if your work environment, colleagues, and your boss are stressing. It is only until such a time that you start to care less about the money—you will want to quit and start afresh.

However, if what drives you is your passion for what you do, it is hard to find a convincing reason to give up. You will cling on to it as if your life depends on it just to achieve your success.

 Ensure that There are no one else’s Goals

Most of the dreams people have in life are not theirs. Rather, they were instilled by other people. For instance, your parents may have insisted that you have to become an engineer, and you made it your dream. That is not your goal in life—it’s your parents’. Such a goal may keep you motivated for a while, but you will grow tired eventually because to you, it is more of a than a goal. It is something mandated by someone else, not driven by you.

You have to be sincere to yourself. What it is that you truly want? What makes you happy? Once you are sure about what you want, start pursuing it. It is only then that you will be able to break free from the chains that bind you and start working toward accomplishing your goals.

 Break Down Your Goals Into Smaller, Manageable Tasks

If you dream to become a New York Times Bestselling Author or to win a Grammy Award, achieving it can be a daunting and almost impossible. You may also find yourself at a loss—where should I start? Writing a book? Pitching it to agents? What if my book doesn’t sell? Do I need to move to Hollywood? How about my expenses? These are just some of the questions you need to answer, and answering all of them at once will demotivate you from accomplishing your goals. Instead of thinking about everything, why don’t divide them into steps?

The key to this is transforming your task into milestones or a to-do list. The road towards success is long, butt you can make it shorter if you break it into small, manageable steps. Learn how to take baby steps!

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