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Eight Motivational Speakers You Need To Start Listening To

The 21st century is blessed with a lot of motivational speakers that can influence one’s mindset, way of living, and even survival. They can give an extra push of inspiration and motivation that will provide you with great results and truly make an impact on your way of living.

Below are some motivational speakers to start listening to:

Lisa Nichols

Give Me 90 Minutes – And I’ll Give You My Time-Proven Secret” is just one of the powerful slogans Lisa Nichols use to reach out to people she has motivated. Lisa Nichols is a motivational speaker who has touched a million lives with her speeches and books. Lisa, a single mom of baby boy way back 1994, started from nothing. She was so desperate at that time, which was also the turning point of her life. It was then she realized the power of her voice and inspired many. Lisa started a Mindvalley in 2010 as a keynote speaker for the very first A-Fest, and the rest is history. She is famous for her line, “You are the designer of your destiny; you are the author of your story.”

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

He is a legend. Being born with tetra-amelia-syndrome, he is not your typical speaker. How can one without arms and legs be full of positivity and energy to live? Nick is different because he uses his disability to inspire a lot of people, whether or not they have a disability.

He started his motivational speaking career when his prayer in a prayer group inspired everyone who attended. After that, he then became a motivational speaker and wrote several motivational books. If you are looking for inspiration, someone who has beaten all the odds, he is your man.

Robert Kiyosaki

If you want to gain the wisdom of money and investing, you should listen to Robert Kiyosaki.  He is famous for his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and his point of view of the old advice, “go to college, get a good job, save money and invest by making is too obsolete.” He talks about courage and irreverence in taking your initiative to become financially educated. He already authored 27 books and travels around the world to teach and inspire millions of audiences.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

When you feel low and need something to uplift you, listen to Tony Robbins. With his energetic lectures on the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP),  he inspires a lot of audiences around the world.  He is also well known for his teaching about health and wealth. One of his famous quotes is, “In life, you need either inspiration or desperation.”

Eric Thomas

Feeling unmotivated on a Monday? Listen to Eric Thomas’ speeches, a motivational speaker, author, and a minister. He is famous for his YouTube series, “Thank God It’s Monday!” Coming from a rough area in Detroit and being a single parent, he worked very hard until he acquired his Masters and Ph.D. With his charisma and energetic style, his series will make you go through your workweek. One of his famous quotes is, “everybody has a dream, but not everybody has a grind.”

Chris Gardner

His rise from rags to riches is so inspiring that it was made into a movie. Yes, the popular film, In Pursuit of Happyness, is based on Chris Gardner’s life. He gives speeches and writes about his own experiences in how he tapped his potential and used it to become successful in life. His concepts are to empower and inspire people to change their lives for the better. Two of his famous quotes are “Start where you are” and “I’m homeless, but I’m not hopeless.

Grant Cardone

Need an extra push of encouragement in building your business? Listen to Grant Cardone. He will inspire you to believe that anything can be possible with one of his quotes, “Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.” With a $750-million empire, you will learn from him to be fearless in sales and negotiations with cold calling and closing a deal.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma

He is one of the world’s top leadership experts famous for his book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. He has a YouTube vlog, where he talks about leadership and unleashing your extraordinary creativity and exponential productivity. If you want to be a successful leader, you can listen to Robin Sharma.

Some of us don’t know where we’re going or are still trying to figure out our life. And when we feel lost, listening to motivational speakers like the one above can genuinely help us figure the next step to take.

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