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How to Find Your Health Purpose for Internal Motivation

Understanding what your reason for being healthy is will go a long way n keeping you motivated to continue engaging in healthy habits and to continue making healthy choices in your life. It can be infinitely easier to stick to health goals, whether it is for weight loss or not if you are motivated to do so without having to seek external sources of motivation. Having a health purpose is the type of internal, personal motivation that can keep you in for the long haul!

What Gives Your Life Meaning?

Understanding what gives your life a sense of purpose can e a good start in determining what your health purpose is. Any and all amount of motivation or advice can fall on deaf ears if a person does not know their life goals. Health as an endpoint can’t be achieved without a purpose to strive for it with. Ask yourself whether your desires in life are to see your kids through college, to see your grandkids being born, to enjoy retirement in good health or to travel the world, for example. When you have life goals you will have health goals, because you will find that your health habits are actually not compatible with your life goals and you will strive to change that – from within yourself.

How to Find Your Health Goals


Journaling your thoughts and opinions through daily life can help you realize what is important to you and what makes you tick. From the things you journal about, you can make decisions on how you can move forward in life and what health vehicles you will have to take to get to where you want to be. You may even come to better understand many things about yourself, not just what drives you and what your desires are.


Using your imagination to visualize your health goals can help you determine what your best you look like to you. This is an end goal, but it can also be a means of motivation and help you find what your purpose is as well. For example, if you imagine your best self as fit, and traveling the world and doing adventurous things, then you know that your health purpose is centered around a healthy immune system and energy to accomplish the things on your bucket list. In terms of health, this translates into making healthier meal choices and frequent light exercise to keep your energy levels high.

Revisit Your Retirement Plan

If you have been saving up for your retirement since your twenties and you’ve been setting yourself up for a comfortable life, maybe even have many things on your travel list or things to do when you retire, you will find that this may be your health purpose. You are working to save funds for retirement but it doesn’t make any sense having funds saved if you are going to be in poor health and unable to enjoy those funds the way you intended to. Perhaps you wish to spend your retirement doing things you have always wanted to do, or spend it taking your family out on vacations and trips. You can only make this happen if you adopt a good lifestyle today that you can reap benefits from tomorrow.

Ask Yourself

What are the first things that pop into mind when you think of what will make you happy? What are the things that bring you joy? These are the things that should be the foundation of your health purpose. If something does not stir up excitement, contentment or joy within you when you think of it, the chances are high that is it not your life goal nor is it your health goal. Be honest about gets your engines revved up and wor from there to determine what your purpose is.

Know that your health purpose will also change as your life purpose and the things that are important to you also change. You have to visit your health purpose and life purpose periodically to keep in tune with yourself and to update yourself on what your values are at that point in your life. Life is bout being dynamic and movement and change – embrace it, and move forward in a healthy manner.

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