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Here Are Five Motivational Reasons to Lose Weight

People primarily venture into weight loss to look great for an upcoming event or to fit into an outfit for a wedding, or commonly to reduce the risk of heart attack and heart disease. Well, sometimes you don’t have anywhere to go to, or any outfit to fit into, and maybe you’re finding it hard to stay motivated just for the sake of heart health (let’s face it, it’s essential, but it’s pretty hard to use this one as a prime weight loss reason). The good news is that five fabulous ideas can motivate you to lose weight right here! Check them out!

Happy Elbows and Knees

better bone healthThere’s nothing like a degenerative joint disease that threatens to practically cripple or disable you to get you motivated to lose some weight! Losing cartilage gradually leads to the destruction of joints, especially the elbows and knees, as they grind together and eat into the bone. Aging alone makes it’s more likely, but obesity dramatically increases the risk of this debilitating disease entering your life. There is a strong association between obesity and osteoarthritis, so best you hop onto that treadmill now and make those joints happy!

Some Great Z’s

Ever heard of sleep apnea? This is a condition when you sleep, and your throat area relaxes, the upper airway collapses to cover up your trachea, blocking airflow completely, meaning you stop breathing. Of course, this means you wake up with a start throughout the night. Being unable to sleep leads to many health problems, let alone tiredness and general fatigue and mental exhaustion. Now, what does this have to do with weight loss? Well, fat in the airway further increases the chances of sleep apnea, and it also changes hormonal signals and puts weight on your lungs. Lose the fat to breathe easy and sleep well. Better sleep regulates metabolism, hormone system, plus a whole lot more.

Food Will Taste Great

Food tastes betterIt’s a rather bizarre finding, but it happens to be somewhat true. It’s been found that those who eat more food and are overweight taste less of what they eat. The reason for this is unclear, and it may be possible that excess body fat alters the way food tastes by the tastebuds, but if you can enjoy your plate of food a whole lot better by losing weight, then why not! This is excellent news if you do love food. So, lose weight to enjoy your food more!

Your Immune System Will Benefit

Fat is an active organ in the body, working in the endocrine system as it releases cytokines and hormones into the system. As with everything in nature, balance is of great importance, so having a healthy level of fat is ideal for body functions and hormone function, but when there is an excess, things tend to go awry. Too much body fat sets your immune system off-kilter. It means you are at higher risk for several different kinds of infections. Not fun.

Better Recovery

Better RecoverySurgery and childbirth are hazardous for an obese person. There is a higher risk of surgical wounds popping open again if there is a lot of fat deposits under the skin, and surgery alone can be difficult and sometimes almost impossible depending on how fat a person is. There is also a higher risk of postoperative complications, catheter site infection, and generally more challenging recovery after surgical procedures.

This is important because if you are obese, there is a higher chance that you will need surgery as you are at a higher risk of several health issues, and not being able to recover is a big problem. When you are healthy and have healthy fat levels, on the other hand, your need for surgery will be significantly reduced, and should you ever need it. You will recover better.

So forget about fitting into your clothes better. Don’t pay heed even to the societal pressure to look trim and have a snatched waist. There are other great reasons to shed some kilos. And don’t forget that the key is to let go of feeling like its all a chore and instead adopt exercise and a healthy diet as part of a new lifestyle, not just something you do for a couple of weeks. Embrace the new you to come!

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