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Is Fred Willard Stuck On The Bachelor?

Everyone knows that being in the entertainment industry may not always be easy. For 80-year-old veteran entertainer Fred Willard, the hardest part may be getting over his love for the popular TV show, The Bachelor. 18 years after being featured in the award-winning Best In Show comedy series, Willard was interestingly brought in, in 2018, to be the judge and commentator of the popular TV franchise, The Bachelor.

However, it seems like Fred’s constant and repeated features on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows have a lot more to them than meet the eyes. To find out about this, E! News interviewed a few insiders including the show’s host Chris Harrison, executive producer of the show Bennett S. Graebner, and of course Fred Willard himself.

Fred WillardGraebner was of the opinion that the Best In Show star would be a perfect fit for The Bachelor since the shows have a lot in common. Fred Willard’s experience came in handy, coupled with the fact the 80-year old lived close by in Los Angeles. In the production of The Bachelorette, it was also suggested that Willard be brought to feature.

Graebner further revealed that when filming The World’s Strongest Woman for a particular season, though they had Terry Crews and his wife who did exceptionally well, there was still need for a little commentary from Fred Willard, and Willard delivered perfectly. Graebner says that this was the moment he realized that Willard would always be a part of The Bachelor franchise, and he sealed a deal with Chris Harrison to have Willard on the show until he finally decides to quit. And it doesn’t look like he is quitting the show anytime soon.

“It’s a lot of fun doing this because I watch the Bachelors or the Bachelorettes doing such incredible athletic things, and it’s exciting. It’s really fun… It’s like having a front row seat to the things, rather than watching it on TV. You see how it’s done.”  Willard excitedly says.


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