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Hate Cooking? Here’s How You Can Motivate Yourself to Cook Everyday!

Meal prepping and cooking is all great till you have to do it every day! In such cases ordering a takeaway sounds so much more enticing. Yeah, it seems like a chore, especially when you are cooking for yourself! Cooking after a hard day’s work outside or at home can sound like therapy for some and a chore of others’ worst kind!

Well, even if you don’t find the motivation to cook, here are a few motivational tips to help you cook at home. You may not turn out to be the bonafide cook with Michelin stars, but hey, you can cook a square meal for yourself, and who knows, you may find greater joy in handling the ladle than you ever found joy in anything else!

Change The Way You Think!

The day you stop comparing home-cooked meals with restaurant meals, you will find a new joy in cooking. Be it just for yourself, your friends, or your family. Cooking starts to seem like therapy when you change the way you think about home-cooked meals.

Every meal you dish out does not have to be Instagram worthy and picture-perfect. But it sure is healthy and is full of your love, so it is a great meal. So, even if your food doesn’t look gourmet category, you still need to celebrate it!

Accessible Over Exotic

Cook simple meals that may not include as many multiple steps. Adding twenty ingredients may sound exotic, but it might not always be worth it! Even simple one-pot dishes, such as lentil soup that packs in a good amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals, is satisfying. And yes the best part it does not take much of your precious time.

Treat Your Cravings

That doesn’t mean dishing out a chocolate pudding every day. However, cooking at home need not be just about salads and soups. If you are in the mood for something spicy or tangy, cooking something gives you that flavor. If you are craving something like salmon, well, cook salmon. And the best part is, you could do it all the healthy way. This will give you the satisfaction of cooking it and savoring it as well. This is the best way to be in tune with what you crave! And once you eat the food you crave, you satisfy all your taste buds.

Cook For Your Loved Ones

Eating alone is seldom exciting, and hence you may end up cooking the same old meals, with the same old ingredients. But when you are cooking for others, you’ll be motivated to go beyond the mundane and finally cook that one dish that you always wanted but never had the time and inclination for.

Challenge yourself to cook one hot meal a day and not always rely on frozen. If you are doing it for others, you will find the motivation to explore and experiment and research. Yeah, there are so many recipes you can explore on Youtube! Read up recipes if you find reading is your thing!

Try Traditional Recipes

Cooking isn’t just to fan your food fantasies or to quell your hunger pangs. It is so much more! It is one way of connecting with your traditions and your family. Cooking a traditional recipe that has been part of your traditions for ages keeps your traditions alive. It makes you reminiscence of how your grandmother must have made it. It connects with your soul. Practice, practice, and it will make you perfect the art of cooking the coveted traditional recipe! You may also make your Grandmom super proud of you.

Cut Down Eating Out

Dining out should be an occasional treat and should not be a regular affair. Nowadays, in the world of takeaways, meal delivery services, the art of dining out seems to miss out on flavor. Earlier people used to look forward to such occasions getting an excuse to dress up.

Nowadays, people are eating out more than usual, and it does more harm to your waistline and your bank balance! So, to stay healthy and yet enjoy your meals outside, you can eat most of your meals, have all your weekday meals at home, and make eating out strictly a weekend affair except for special occasions.

Cooking is not rocket science! An oft-repeated line that, but fairly true one and is more of a habit if you start cooking for yourself and others you may find it is a fairly easy task one, you may even start to enjoy and even look forward to it.  Accumulate recipes, cook healthy stuff, basically discover your ‘chef’ self! Who knows, you may even surprise you by making that perfect Gaufres de Liege (Belgium waffles) or Massaman curry! Go ahead, try it.

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