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Here’s How You Can Motivate Your Partner to Work Out and Get Fit!

Couples who exercise together stay fit together. Research substantiates that working out with your partner can help gain muscle, improves performance gains but also helps build your relationship gains.

However, some couples don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to exercise. This is especially true when one-half of the couple is big on exercise whereas the other half isn’t such a big fan of the exercise.

If you are one of the avid exercisers, you may worry about your spouse/partner’s weight and health. So, can you help him or her? Well, of course, you can and help encourage him/her to get into fitness.

Practice Together But Don’t Preach.

Nobody likes a nagging spouse. If you constantly push your spouse to get out there and exercise, your spouse may not like it at all. So, you can try a different track, let him/her know how he/she should be doing it for the sake of his/her children. Or how both of you should get in shape together.

If your words don’t seem enough, you can always seek the help of your family doctor or a third person. Your partner may then certainly listen and take up exercising as a precautionary health measure. A statement from the doctor, like the extra weight, may put you at risk for cardiovascular diseases, may act as warning bells.

Lead By Example

Walk the talk! That’s right when words fail to inspire your spouse. Your actions may sometimes inspire him/her to follow in your wake. If you start going for a morning run every day and your spouse sees the positive impact of the morning exercise, they may follow suit.

Better still, get both of you enrolled in a fun exercise session. Let it be a surprise. So, although he/she may not take to it immediately, things can change once they get the hang of it. Soon, fitness can turn out to be a healthy addiction.

Start Small and Then Move Up

Fitness at times may seem overwhelming at the start. Too many changes at the onset can turn out to be a challenging affair for people who are new to the game.

But something as small as drinking more water every day, or walking for just 10 minutes after your main meals, may turn out to be a good place to start. If you encourage your significant other to walk for a few more minutes after dinner together, the routine may finally appeal to your begrudging partner.

Also, it is important to remind them, fitness is not about making sacrifices but adding a few things that will eventually make their lives better. It is all about the mindset.

Stay Positive

Encourage rather than criticize. You should rather say, ‘oh! You look good in that outfit today. The extra walk is helping!’ instead of, ‘oh, you missed your exercise session yet again.’ This will encourage him/her not to miss the next exercise session at any cost!

This will also help focus on the benefits of a routine. However, your partner may start grudgingly; however, soon, they will fall into the routine and start embracing the new changes.

When Fitness Can Be Fun Too

Sometimes you and your partner may not like the same fitness activity. However, you can both work towards it and keep an open mind while you do so.

Even if you hate cycling, if your spouse likes it, you can start cycling too. Sooner than later, your spouse may soon start liking the activities you like. And who knows, both of you may start falling in love with the same activities you loved to hate earlier on.

It is all about doing the thing you like and doing it together. Also, sometimes group activities work as a great exercise starter. Both of you can discuss it and conclude. And there are so many things to try and have fun with it. It is always not going to the gym and pick up dumbells, you know. You can try different yoga, Zumba, paddle boarding, fencing, martial arts, surfing, racquetball, and more.

So, now is the time to encourage your significant other and help him/her bite the fitness bait. After all, both of you are going to be there for each other for a long time to come. The only way to do that is to take care of your health right here, right now!

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