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Here’s How You Could Motivate Yourself to Start Meditating

Meditation is a way in which one uses a mindfulness technique to focus on one particular object or thought. They use this technique to create a more calm and stable mind. This helps people calm their senses, reduce stress, and promote emotional well-being.

Meditation is beneficial to people of all age groups. However, not all of us give it a shot. While the lack of time is the reason for many, a few of them seem to have a tough time motivating themselves to start a new routine. So, if you’re one of those who struggle to find the motivation, here are a few tips that could come handy!

Find the Right Posture

Meditation does not mean sitting in the same posture for the entire duration. Instead, you could switch poses and see what feels comfortable. Remember that meditation is all about finding comfort and being yourself. In other words, you do not have to cross your legs and sit to meditate.

If sitting on your couch or stretching feels comfortable, do just that. When you practice mindfulness in a way you’re comfortable, you have one less battle to fight! You could also lie down if that’s what makes you feel better. Finding the right posture will motivate you to keep practicing meditation. Don’t force yourself to sit like the Buddha while you meditate if that’s not your thing!

Use Music

Music helps overcome stress and lets you relax. And meditation does it too. So, why not combine them both and make it an all the more relaxing experience. The next time you settle down to meditate, play some soothing and soulful music. It will help you focus your thoughts, take your concentration away from the environment, and let you meditate.

You could also try one of the many guided-meditation tutorials available online. They walk you through the process of mindfulness with a soothing voice and relaxing music. Most people find this helpful and a great motivator to start meditating regularly.

Stay in a Distraction-Free Zone

While meditation is all about channelizing your mind and focusing your thoughts, it might not be easy. More so, if you’re just getting into the habit of meditation, you will need a calm and distraction-free zone. You could start by turning off all the electronic devices. If you have the television running in the background, or your mobile buzzing constantly, you’re not going to be able to concentrate.

So, you might want to settle in a room that’s free of any distractions, calm yourself with mindful breathing, and start meditating. Ensuring that there’s not much disturbance around your meditation routine will help you form a positive association with the process. This way, you’re more likely to look forward to doing it again.

Set a Routine

Our bodies thrive on routine. So, when you’re trying to start a new habit like meditation, in this case, make sure you stick to a schedule. This way, you’re body and mind are ready for the activity. After a few days into the routine, you will find it easy to focus if you’re sticking to a routine. Besides that, it would also be easy for you to make sure no other commitments crop up around your meditation time.

You could block an hour in your calendar or add it to your list of things to do until the routine becomes a habit. This will also help you overcome the feeling of meditation eating into your work or personal life, as you’re doing it as per schedule.

Find a Partner

If meditating alone doesn’t work, you could try and find a partner despite all these tips. A meditation partner will help you stay focused, and the two of you could work towards a shared goal. You could also join a pre-existing group and meditate together. This will be a win-win as you will get to meet and interact with like-minded people while regularly meditating.

Besides these, you could also try listing out the challenges you have while trying to meditate. That way, you have a clear understanding of what’s bothering you and address them, one issue at a time. You will soon find yourself meditating every day. Happy Meditation!

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