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Seeing Results Is the True Motivation – Here’s How to Beat the Plateau!

Unfortunately, if you have a workout routine that you really like doing or that you’ve grown so used to that you don’t really want to try anything else – you have some bad news coming. Performing the same workout day in and day out is going to eventually have you reach a plateau. Your muscles will stop growing as fast and your fat burning will slow down considerably. Heres what you can do to keep moving and spice things up in your gym or workout routine! Don’t worry, you can do it!

Why Mix Things Up?

Changing things up with your exercise routine could be precisely what you need to jump back on the weight-loss bandwagon, or simply to continue reaching towards your goals. It is easy after committing yourself to do what you enjoy to get comfortable with only selected movements and exercises. This is better than no exercise at all, but you can do better! Use these suggestions according to what your favorite movements are to help push you out of that workout rut and help you start seeing results again!

For the Weight Lifter

If your favorite workout is weight lifting, the things you need to work hard on to see a difference in your physique are cardio, compound bodyweight exercises, and HIIT. These are typical exercises neglected by bodybuilders and weight lifters. Once you see those pesky pounds peel off you will be motivated to continue your workouts! It is best to do five sets of 20 repetitions of plyometric exercises. Complete an hour or two of cycling a week and don’t forget about rowing or burpees, or plain old running!

For the Cardio Junkie

Maybe you get off on doing cardio every day. Yes, there are people out there who just love their cardio, and if you are one of them, you can find that extra motivation to achieve your body goals by adding some weights to your workouts. Even bodyweight training like push-ups and tricep dips or squats can all help. Your body will benefit from the increased testosterone levels and pretty soon you will be sculpted!

If You’re All About HIIT

There are some intense compound strength movements that can help you achieved the ripped body that you are after. If you’re looking for some more shape to add to your endurance, know that you can certainly achieve it if you stimulate your largest muscles. Just work on these groups three times a week, and you will see results!

If Yoga And Pilates Is Your Cup of Tea

If you typically hit the yoga mat for a session of either pilates or yoga, you no doubt have a rock-solid core. This is great for strength, balance, and posture as well as flexibility. All of these things are certainly important and add to a wholesome healthy lifestyle. However, yoga and pilates aren’t much of a cardiovascular workout – meaning, it doesn’t get your heart exercising! It’s important for you to get your heart racing with some cardio and maybe throw in some weight training to build resistance. This is going to be the motivation you need to be healthier and happier about your body! There’s nothing like feeling strong and not running out of breath when you run up a flight of stairs!

A Last Thought

You probably really love what you’re currently doing and that’s okay. Don’t rush into changing things up if you know it is going to mean you will give up sooner. Make changes one thing at a time. Remember, results are motivation, and once you make a change and see good results, you will want to make another and another, and another. This is how you will find your entire body and fitness routine changing and evolving over time. Embrace it!

In order for the figures on the scale to tip in your favor, you certainly have to change up your workout routine. This will mean attempting exercises that you probably aren’t good at, but it is all about challenging yourself and your body. It’s also about enjoying what you try and having fun with your workout. With you doing many different exercises a week, there’s no chance of you growing bored of anything! Motivate yourself by keeping your routine exciting. You’ll feel tighter, lighter, and brighter!

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