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How to Stick to a Routine When You Are Working From Home? Tips to Stay Motivated!

Working from home is a challenge that most people are facing these days, thanks to an overlong pandemic. To all those people who have been working from home before and the ones who are trying it now, it is not easy. Somehow, we don’t get to finish a single task on time, the mountain load of work keeps piling up like no tomorrow.

A cluttered kitchen, piles of dirty laundry, and a million other chores stare back at you, as you swim through them your frustration level going up every second. Not to forget daytime television that tries your good intentions every second of the day. Motivation deserts you when you need it the most. So, how can you make your work easier and plan the smooth transition from the office chair to your comfortable home lounge in an easy way? Well, don’t sweat the following strategies may make work and chores less of a task and more enjoyable.

Maintain a Structured Schedule

We know it is enticing to sleep tight on our beds and not get up and get going at the shrill sound of the alarm bell. The idea being there is plenty of time to finish every work that is waiting for you, however, things may start going downhill when the procrastination gets the better of you and you still take comfort in dilly-dallying things.

The only way out is to maintain a schedule. Establish a start time and an end time as well. This way you can include everything right from meal prepping, to your laundry to get in an exercise session, before you start working. Divide your work into small segments and take a break only when you finish the work.

Reserve a Workspace

Many people try to find a comfortable space in their homes to work. Sometimes the bed becomes the workplace for them. However, working from bed may interfere with your sleep. And if you have trouble sleeping it will impact your work the next day. Most experts recommend reserving the bed only for sleep.

Your bed may turn out to be a comfortable spot, but you must maintain a workspace that is as far from the bed as possible. Seek a corner in the living room and they may turn out to be a more productive place than your bedroom.

Reduce Your Distractions

As we work, we get late because of unending distractions and interruptions. We must agree to this one fact that if our distractions did not get the better of us, we would round off our work much earlier. Give yourself specific targets and try to finish off the work in a stipulated time slot.

This will mean ignoring your phone notifications and check your emails, one every hour. If you have kids at home, things can turn out to be more difficult. So, give them tasks too and check on them every hour or so. Tell them, they can only interrupt if they have a genuine reason to do so. Afterward, you can reward them to make the entire exercise fun.

 Breaks in Between

Sometimes, it becomes particularly difficult to begin a task, sometimes tasks may intimidate you and you don’t want to begin. But as soon as you start you may feel the task isn’t so difficult as you originally thought. So start with a 10-minute rule, don’t let distractions get the better of you, in that 10-minute time. After that 10-minute you’ll feel more motivated to keep going. Once you start, you need to keep it going.

The reward at the End of The Day

Work becomes more joyful and interesting when you reward yourself at the end of the day. For example, you may get the greater motivation to finish your work when there is a reward waiting for you at the end of the day. It may be watching your favorite show or cooking your favorite dish. Or brew yourself your favorite beverage as soon as you finish your work. Small incentives like that can actually act as a great motivation.

Also, don’t forget to indulge in self-care hacks, to round off your work for the day. This will make you less stressed and give a sort of closure for the day. This way you’ll feel rested and raring to go the next day. Try these self-motivation hacks and this way you can sail through your workday at home like a breeze.



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