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Still Haven’t Figured Out Your New Year’s Resolutions? Here Are A Few Ideas!

The start of any year begins with making new resolutions, and most of it is about weight loss, making more money, staying healthy the works. But how about doing things a little differently? And try out amazing new things? Yeah, we mostly fail to cater to our resolutions. Our motivation and enthusiasm are fizzling midway because we don’t find it interesting enough. But what if we give you a few amazing resolutions that can interest you and invigorate enough to pursue them with a single-minded focus! Will you be game then? Also, setting goals must come from the heart.

So, say you want to lose a significant amount of weight in 2021, change the way you speak to yourself. Instead of saying to yourself, I have to lose ten lbs. tell yourself I want to be fitter, so I don’t have to depend on anyone in the next twenty, thirty, forty years henceforward. I want to join a gym so that I want to become a stronger version of myself instead of saying a thinner version of myself. Do you get it? Talk to yourself on a positive note, be inspiring, and you’ll surely, follow your resolutions to the finishing line of realization. So, here a few new resolutions that aren’t stereotypical, yet they are fun, hard, and motivating, a combination of oxymorons!

Cook A New Dish Every Day!

Modern lifestyles keep us far away from our kitchens, which is why we are falling sick more often. Take outs are no match for healthy, nourishing home-cooked meals. Also, we feel it’s too much trouble to cook something. But if you think about it, cooking is one of the most underrated yet easy therapy ever.

Cooking something, with the aroma wafting from your kitchen, the crackling of spices, can create a magical world of gastronomical heaven. Some apps can also help you feed in the ingredients you have right now, and the app will tell you how exactly you can cook up a storm! See, it’s not very difficult!

Make Time For Your Hobbies

Don’t worry. We aren’t asking you to give up your current job. We are asking you to integrate the things you like into your daily regime seamlessly. So, instead of making it a point to follow your hobbies every day, you invariably let your work trump over your to-do hobbies.

Instead, it would help if you made it a part of your daily regime, without making it seem like a chore. Something like taking a break at lunchtime to strum your guitar, or do an assignment for the new language you are learning. Effortless right? Easy-breezy? You bet!

Start Reading

person-reading-book-and-holding-coffeeReading is a lost art. People are drawing away from books and getting more and more into gadgets, which is a pity, because books can give you so many things! Plus, it offers you solace. When the world seems, too fast, hectic, and you feel tired playing catch-up, books can provide you with the world of bliss that nothing else can!

Last year, your reading score may not be much, but this year makes it your business to read up; whichever type of books you want to, fiction or non-fiction, give it a try. You will be surprised just how much it can change your world.

Walk When You Can

We aren’t suggesting to sell it, but choose cycling over driving or walking over driving, especially in a 5 km radius. Whenever you are out running errands or visiting someone, try to use your cycle or walk. We know you may find driving a lot more convenient and fast. But then this is the only way to stop being sedentary and give your body or your legs, the much-needed exercise.

Have A Kitchen Garden

Well, you don’t need too much space for that. Your miniature balcony will do, even your window sill. And yes, you get to eat the foods you grow and trust. Win-win? Start small, and get the things you’d need initially.

Start with growing a creeper, maybe, and then eventually, you can try flowers, herbs, or a veritable vegetable garden! Even if you do not have a green thumb, you can do it, as it is simple to do, and ultimately, it is an eco-friendly act that will pay you rich dividends soon!

Start today, and by the end of the next year, you can assess how you fared! The only way to learn is to challenge yourself and tell yourself. You’ve got this, and everything will fall into place!

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