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The Surprising Effect of Making Your Bed in the Morning

The saying, “You made your bed, now lie in it” stretches back to the 1590s. The phrase made its appearance in French society, and it means that you have to deal with the things you’ve done. It can also refer to a more literal meaning – if you don’t make up your bed in the morning, or if you don’t stuff your pillow with enough comfy geese feathers you won’t have a good night’s rest.

There’s a reason why your mother taught you to make your bed in the morning. Even though many believe that making the bed is only to keep your room tidy, there are many other surprising positive effects. This good habit can make a real difference in your life.

Little Things Can Change Big Things

In 2014, Admiral William H. McRaven spoke to a group of students from the University of Texas in Austin. His commencement speech made a statement that, since then, has gone viral and got many people thinking.

He made a simple statement: “If you want to make a difference in the world, start by making your bed.” The message’s purpose was to state that one can make a big difference by starting the day right. The veteran continued to say that paying attention to the smallest of details, like picking up a piece of paper or making your bed in the morning, helps us achieve more important things throughout the day.

Encourages Discipline

It takes a lot of self-discipline to get up an hour earlier every morning and exercise or to make better choices when it comes to healthy eating. However, making your bed takes very little time and a small effort. Doing it daily and is an easy way to start practicing discipline and responsibility.

This simple action embodies a lot. You start your day knowing that you held to your decision, and that elevates your self-esteem and feeling of competence.

Making your own bed is acknowledging the fact that you are responsible for your own mess and also for your comfort. If you don’t make your bed, fluff your pillows and re-assemble the sheets, no one will do it for you.

Gives You A Better Night’s Sleep

According to The National Sleep Foundation, people who make their beds and maintain a tidy bedroom sleep better. When your room is neat, clean, and comfy, you will walk into a relaxed environment. An untidy room can cause stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, making your bed becomes habitual. This means that your body starts to associate a clean and tidy bed with relaxation. When your bed is always a mess, your body won’t make that association, and you’ll feel restless.

This includes changing and washing your sheets, especially if you have pets who enjoy a night’s rest with you in your bed. Cleaning them at least once a week will guarantee a better 8-hour rest.

Encourages Productivity

Ever noticed how much more productive you are on a day when you wake up early and jump into action compared to a day where you snooze five times and don’t get dressed until 10 am? It’s no secret that getting out of bed in the morning encourages a productive day. Making your bed first thing in the morning helps to overcome the urge to stay in bed for “just a few more minutes…”

Besides, it sets the mood for the day ahead. Without even noticing, it gives you a jump start. Already you feel like you’ve accomplished something – even if it is the mundane act of spreading the sheets and re-arranging the throw pillows.

When you make the bed with your partner, it immediately acts as a teambuilding activity that encourages teamwork.

You don’t have to make your bed in the way that 5-star hotels do. As long as you tuck the sheets and fluff the pillows – you’re good!

Making your bed in the morning might sound like a mediocre and pointless act. The proof is in the pudding. So, if you aren’t in the habit of making your bed every morning, get up five minutes before and start incorporating this great habit. At the very least, making your bed will encourage you to keep your room tidy and be more productive. Try it out; you’ll be surprised how good it feels!


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