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Things Happy Couples Do to Have a Closer Relationship

All of us dreamt of falling in love and having our own living happy ever after. However, we also know that the road to a happy and fulfilled love life is paved with rough patches and challenges. The reality is that only a small percentage of couples end up together for the rest of their lives.

Either they fail on committing to their relationship or they’re already married but something comes along causing problems that eventually leads to a break up or divorce. Do you ever wonder why those happy and contented couples are able to maintain their healthy relationship for a long time? Here are the things the happy and contented couples talk to achieve closer, intimate relationships.

They talk about vivid memories

Creating memories together.

Most happy couples like to reminisce the past like it was yesterday. Well, probably it feels like yesterday because they’re reminiscing the happiest moment they have together as a couple. Not only that but those vivid memories rekindle the flame of the love they have for each other.

It becomes their anchor to never give up when they’re facing trials and challenges in their relationship. If they feel like giving up from the pain and agony they’re in, these memories will help remind them why they fought for their love in the first place. These vivid memories always prevail over the hardship they went through because, for them, their love and the relationship will always be worth it.

They Reminisce Their Childhood Together

Sharing childhood memories is just as essential as making them.

It’s even sweeter if you’re childhood sweethearts. We would love to lay on a soft couch when we get older and drink our coffee together, while browsing those adorable photos 20 years ago, right? It’s fulfilling to see how far you’ve grown from all those years together. You’ve been there for each other through thick and thin. It’s gratifying to know that after all these years, you’re still together, growing stronger in love. Not only it uplifts your feelings for each other but your offspring will look up to you as an inspiration when they fall in love and enter the bounds of relationships with the love of their lives.

They Laugh At all Your jokes

What’s great about happy and contented couples is that they tend to laugh when you told them about the silly things they’ve done from the past. They won’t judge you for it but will only remember the hilarious things you did.

This boosts your confidence because it shows that your partner will accept you for who you are despite the flaws you’ve seen in the past. Regardless of the commitment, if you feel like you can be free all the time and don’t feel any kind of pressure; it is a sign of trust and faith in your love and relationship.

They Share Their Feelings

Sharing is everything.

One of the secrets, why happy and contented couples have long-lasting relationships, is that they tend not to hold any secrets against each other. They know that along with love, trust has to prevail if they want their relationship to survive.

That’s why they tend to be honest and transparent about their relationship as much as possible. They will say and share their problems and emotions even if they know it’ll most likely to hurt their partner’s feelings. For them, it’s better to be completely honest with the partner than to coat them with lies. This is how couples can fix the problems easier and sooner, which helps solve any kind of misunderstandings in the future without having their feelings hurt again. It is important not to pen up your feelings until the love you have dissipates and your relationship comes to the point where it can’t be fixed.    

They Discuss Difficult Decisions

When dealing with difficult decisions that affect not only the course of their life but their relationship too, couples never tend to let it just pass by them but they rather discuss it with each other. Like we’ve already said, happy couples don’t want any secrets. That’s why they try to communicate it with their significant other. They’re not hitting their egos that just because you’re the man or the woman, your decisions and opinions don’t matter. No! Happy couples realize that being in a relationship means you are an equal. The opinions matter and it’s very important to respect it, especially when making big life decisions.

Communication is often the most important part of the relationship.

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