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These Tips Will Motivate You to Be The Healthiest You This Year

We all know how important good health is, but sometimes, it is just really difficult to follow through with our plans and to keep motivated to make healthy decisions throughout the day. Life presents us with challenges that can drive into your good efforts, rendering them futile. However, these simple tips can help carry you through to your health goals, whether they are for weight loss or for vitality, to fight disease or to simply perform better.

Feel Good About You

Starting today, and right now, start feeling good about yourself the way you are. Make sure that irrespective of your health condition or your weight, those you choose to be around also should accept you for who you are and are happy about you. Don’t allow yourself to be in the company of people who encourage you to binge on food or alcohol or those who encourage you to have excuses. Find new friends who motivate you and focus on being healthy from the inside out. Loving yourself as you are will go a long way in helping you make better decisions for yourself.

Learn your Weak Spot

Staying motivated to stick to our health goals will require you to better understand and to identify your problem areas. Also, it is necessary to have a plan of action against these problem areas. If you use food as a coping mechanism for feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, or boredom, this should be realized. You also have to think of better and healthier alternatives to coping with these feelings and control your environment to make it harder for you to binge eat, for example. Keeping everything around you centered around health will stop you from diverting from healthy living. Have your workout equipment in plain sight, have healthy snack options available and have motivational books around you to read when you get a chance.

Start Simple

Diving into an all or nothing approach is a sure-fire way to ensure you fail at your plans. The best and most productive and effective plan that will be easier to maintain in the long run is one that introduces small changes over time, allowing you a chance to get used to forming new healthier habits. Think of adding just 5 grams of fiber to our daily consumption. Try two more servings of veggies at lunchtime. Have three more glasses of water each day. Walk to work instead of taking the car. All of these small steps are accomplishable and when you achieve them you will be motivated by your success to continue. Don’t set yourself up for failure!

Find Forgiveness

Find a way to forgive yourself for any time you slip up or divert from your plans. If you’re on vacation and have an indulgent meal, forgive yourself. If you feel under the weather and don’t do your run today, forgive yourself. If you beat yourself up, you are likely to throw your hands up in the air and say all is lost. A few indulgences every now and then are alright, and that is what life is all about. But life is about moderation, too, so keep your cool and don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t guilt yourself over a dessert or a treat – just be more disciplined tomorrow and you’ll be back pon track.

Don’t Go Hungry

It’s a strange thing but a very big cause of overeating is actually undereating. When people go too long without having a meal, they tend to pig out when they eventually do eat. Rigid and harsh diets are not healthy and they aren’t for everyone either. Do what works for your body and if you are hungry, it is better to eat something healthy than to starve yourself. Prevent binges and enjoy your meals. Nobody likes being a hungry grouch-bag! Besides, you will be better able to fit exercise into your day and stay motivated if you feel satiated. You cannot be happy if you are fighting hunger pangs – it’s just that simple.

Keeping yourself motivated is about taking small and manageable steps. It is natural to have your enthusiasm fade and it is absolutely normal to feel put down at times and seek motivation to continue going forward. There’s nothing wrong with you – but don’t give in! Follow these tips and advice and see your health goals through – you’re worth it!

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