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How Does Food Personality Affect Your Weight Loss Goals?

Have you ever wondered why, no matter what you do, what you eat, and how much you exercise, your weight still wouldn’t budge? It’s as if no matter what diet regimen you undergo, you still can’t shred that weight and lose your belly fat? Your food personality might be the culprit why you’re not losing any weight. Let’s discover and learn more about our food personality and how it affects our weight loss goals.

What is Food Personality?

Food personality refers to the intrinsic trait that defines your approach to food. Your food personality greatly affects not only your metabolic rate but also your diet lifestyle. Oftentimes, we’re not aware of how our food personality affects our body until we realize how it hinders us to achieve our weight loss goals. We will help you identify the types of food personality there are and what you can do about it to achieve your weight goal.

The Emotional Eater

emotional eater

Emotional distress is one of the main reasons emotional eaters reach for the food.

The people with this kind of food personality depend solely on foods when they’re triggered or in emotional distress. It seems like whatever they do, foods are always there to comfort and confine them. If they’re feeling stressed at work, they eat. If they’re happy, they treat themselves by eating in a five-star restaurant. If they want to treat themselves for a job well done, they order a box of pizza. They always associate food in whatever they do.


If you’re an emotional eater, then you need to identify what triggers your eating habits. Try to ask yourself when do you feel like eating the most or when do you feel like eating the least? What do you feel before you have the urge to eat? Are you stressed with work? Are you happy, sad or maybe in grief? We suggest you list all these triggers in your notebook (or better yet, construct a table). Now that you’ve identified the trigger to your eating habits, you should start thinking about any hobbies you have aside from eating. Then, list them one by one aside each trigger. These hobbies of yours will serve as your counter-action if you’re triggered with the urge to eat. The key here is to divert your attention so you won’t eat at all times.

Easy Goer Eater

easy goer eater

Always try avoiding the cheat day.

We think most of us have this personality, especially those who are in a so-called “strict diet”. These are the people who love to workout like crazy during the weekdays because they’re following their diet regimen. When it comes to food, they can discipline themselves into eating only the required foods stated on the diet. But when it comes to weekends? They compensate by eating all the foods they’ve been craving all week! What’s worse is that they eat like there’s no tomorrow! They think that this is their cheat day and this is their reward for holding back all week, so might as well seize the day! Well, this kind of thinking is actually the main reason why they’re not losing weight in the first place.


For Easy Goer Eaters, they need to remember that moderation is the key. Remember that a healthy diet will never deprive you of eating the foods you love – on occasion. It’s okay to cheat or reward by treating yourself on eating your favorite foods but you also need to remember to eat in moderation. Because if you don’t, then you’ll gain all the fat you’ve lost. Your exercise and diet will just be in vain! Try to limit your eating by taking one piece of each food you want to eat or one glass of juice to drink. In this way, you’re still able to enjoy your favorite foods without going overboard.

Insatiable Eater

insatiable eater

Insatiable eaters should always try – as much as possible – to sustain themselves from eating whenever they see food.

These are the kind of people who just can’t hold themselves back whenever they see food They feel as if it’s the end of the world and they need to eat all the foods available in their vicinity. Even if they’re already full, they will still force themselves to eat because they don’t want to waste food or maybe they fear that the food will be gone.


If you’re an insatiable eater, we recommend you to keep a journal with all the foods you’ve eaten for the day. This will help you realize just how much food you’re eating and you might feel overwhelmed about your eating habits. In this case, you can narrow down your food choices and choose which foods you need to prioritize on eating and which foods you can dismiss. This will significantly help you in getting rid of junk food or cravings and focus only on eating healthy foods instead.

Now that you’ve narrowed down your food choices, we also recommend to eat them slowly and savor the food. Chew your food slowly and don’t just shove it down your throat. You’ll be amazed how much it can help you in cutting down your food intake and just how much food your body actually needs.

The Nibble Eater

nibble eater

Nibble eaters should always rememeber – less is more!

They are the opposite of insatiable eater. They don’t eat much food in one go but they chew food in small portions all day long! You can find them chewing some foods or snack every hour and they feel anxious if they don’t eat or nibble food for a long time. Either they are doing this because they’re bored, curious, or nervous.


You also need to keep a journal with you but, unlike the insatiable eater, you need to pay more attention to the times you’re eating. How often you eat throughout the day? Do you tend to nibble foods mid-afternoon? Or like having a midnight snack? Record these so that you can take note and remind yourself to limit your eating during these times. Aside from that, we recommend you to eat larger portion during meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you’ll less likely crave for snacks.

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