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Three Dietary Mistakes to Avoid this New Year to Lose Weight, Not Your Sanity!

Health and nutrition are not only about weight loss, you know. But people mistake it for weight loss, and they will do anything to lose the extra weight but at what cost? Unfortunately, most of the new year resolutions we hear about are all about a number on the weighing scale. And not about being stronger or improving their health parameters or energy. Nobody discusses these goals! Yes, when you start eating healthy, exercise, you will get all these and more.

And your weight loss will be a happy by-product. But following a nutrition plan does not mean, looking up somebody on your Instagram feed and following them blindly. Trust us, we have been there and done that, sometimes with disastrous results. Like somebody in our team started following the intermittent fasting regime and paid the consequences dearly. Not that intermittent fasting was bad, but it just didn’t suit her. So, here’s the thing before you sign up for a self-inflicted weight loss program this year, ensure you do not make these dietary mistakes.

Have Reasonable Goals

Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals. If you have to lose 20 lbs, don’t think you will lose all of it in one go. All we mean is don’t set number goals for yourself. Chuck the weight scale for the time being and keep it somewhere where you don’t get to see it all the time. Focus on eating on time, eating the right foods, the right combination of protein, carbs, and fats according to your lifestyle and habits.

Although a proper weight loss goal may seem motivating in some cases, this includes putting too much pressure on yourself, try to follow a more doable goal. While you could lose a great amount of weight when you were younger, things may have changed now. You are married, probably have kids, a difficult job, the works. So, set yourself a goal that matches your current lifestyle and eating habits.

Avoid The Diet Scare Tactics

More often than not, our Instagram is full of nutritionists attaching a sort of stigma to certain foods. ‘Don’t drink milk, it is white poison,’ or ‘Avoid gluten. It messes up your intestines! Food is the food. It cannot be toxic unless you eat a humongous amount of it. That way, even too much kale can be bad, arguably the healthiest food on the planet. Do not cut down on entire food groups, however convincing the nutritionist may sound. Try and include every food group in measured quantities.

Gluten, for example, is bad for people who have a condition called celiac disease. Let your body decide whether gluten is bad for you. If you tolerate gluten well enough, there is no reason to endorse such blanket bans. Also, there is a consensus from the nutrition industry that sugar is bad for you. But what is bad for you is not having small portions of everything but big portions of a single food group. Moderation is everything! Have your cake and eat it too without having an iota of guilt.

Build Your Own Diet Chart

 The internet is full of these people, who are doling out nutrition advice like no tomorrow. It would be great if you could avoid them. Some celebrities also go on juice cleanses, avocado diet, looking toned and fit, influencing the gullible fans and followers. In cases like these, it is always good to remember, that these people have an army of people providing them advice, nutritionists, personal trainers, and the works.

Also, all these plans are according to their health problems. As they are personalized, what is meant for them may be poison for you. Be wary of people who are selling tons of nutrition products in their name. Use our products, and you will be stick thin! Say a big No to that!

Also, since your neighbor lost oodles of weight following the ‘A’ diet, you won’t lose weight. Health is true wealth, and you don’t want to mess up your health by following these strange diets which don’t cater to your health needs. Also, next time someone comes up to you and gives you dietary advice, tell them that you have things under control and you know what to do with your body!

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