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These Awesome Games Can Help You Get Your Work Done!

Being able to learn and work at the same time is often considered impossible, even though most of us would love to do it. If you are the type of person who loves playing video games, then you will be happy to learn that your hobby can actually increase your productivity. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is.  You can turn your video gaming skills into real-life problem-solving skills. There are a few games that can help you solve life’s problems as well as make your routines fun. Want to find out more, right? Here we go!


SuperBetter is a game that many have attested to the belief that it has helped them develop their talents and form new habits. Some have been able to plan out and achieve their long-term goals. The creator of the app says the game helps to reduce stress and improve a user’s mood. The app was built to help users employ the psychological strength invested in playing the game to face real life problems. It further improves users’ determination to succeed, thereby helping them learn important skills, build new habits, and achieve general self-improvement.


This RPG-styled game is super useful in helping to improve a user’s attitude, focus, and skills. Our daily routines could often make us bored and unmotivated but if you can turn your tasks into ‘monsters’ and begin to combat them one after the other, you are sure to get more excited about getting things done! The more monsters you slay, the higher you progress in the game, hence the more tasks you will want to complete. If you do not complete a stage or get a task done, you lose player health. On this app, you can collaborate with several other users and also establish a reward system for task completion. There are also useful add-ons with which you can effectively manage your data and your progress when using the app.


Now, this is a game for the lazy, and possibly the mentally challenged. The users of this app confirmed that it has helped them navigate their daily chores with more energy and also helped them to remember tasks they have to complete. It is all about turning your boring regular chores into interesting battles with monsters, collecting achievements, and rewards. If you have chores you have been putting off for a while, this game is sure to help you get them over with.

Todoist Karma

Todoist is the developer of this app, Karma. Unlike the above apps, this game accumulates Karma as you get productive with your daily tasks. The app helps you to set up your to-do list and rewards you with Karma as you get the tasks completed. The game has different levels and as you complete your tasks, you unlock new levels until you get to the highest rank, ‘Enlightened’. The app also has a plug-in where you can share your progress with similar users on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Zombies, Run!

Sports are quite useful in promoting good health, especially when trying to shed unnecessary weight. However, it might be hard to stick to the routine, for various reasons. With this app, jogging turns into an adventure game! It’s all about running your way past a zombie apocalypse. The game is built with more than 200 missions, while also allowing you to create your own missions to keep the process less boring and more challenging. The app also allows you to track and share your progress online.


Simply put, EpicWin is a to-do list equipped with an XP, according to the designer. The app helps you have more fun with life while seriously bringing your tasks to your remembrance. All you have to do is set up a profile, create a to-do list, and boom! You’re on. On this app, every completed task gets you a reward for your stamina or intellect or spirit. For example, if you successfully do your laundry, it speaks a lot about your stamina and the app will award you with stamina points. The more tasks you complete, the further you go on the quest map, and better still, the more you uncover new stages. The EpicWin app has great advantages in increasing a user’s productivity even from day one.

If you’re struggling to get your daily tasks done, and you’re a gamer – these apps may be the answer to your prayers!

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