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All You Need to Know About the Entertaining and Beneficial Exercise of Hoola-Hooping!

Right from the time the hula hoop burst into the scene in 1958, it has gained popularity worldwide. It quickly turned out to be one of the most successful exercise tools ever created. As it is not only a great tool to play with, but it turns out to be one of the better gear for weight loss and amping up your fitness levels.

Also, though you may find more children whipping it around their waist than adults, we feel more and more adults should embrace this amazing exercise tool. The best part of hula hoops is that it helps you relax and helps you lose weight. Give this amazing gear just 30 minutes of your busy schedule, and it can turn your fitness routine into a novel yet wow one.


As per the American Council on exercise, hula-hooping can burn almost 400 calories per hour. And it can be even more if you notch it up by throwing in some weights.  Also, it can be part of a versatile workout routine where you can combine strength training, cardio exercises, and of course, hula hooping, which promises plenty of calorie burn and fun!

Why invest in an expensive treadmill when you can try hula hopping? Well, a hula hoop workout can burn the same number of calories. And of course, instead of feeling bored while walking on the treadmill, you can give your workout a fun twist. You can work on numerous parts of your body, including the mid-section and lower back. Start with hula-hooping for just 10 minutes a day, and the results will surprise you. And you would agree that it is the most cost-effective and fun exercise out there!

Easy Ab Trimmer

Have you tried it all, yet you are not able to get rid of the flab sitting stubbornly on your waist? Change your routine and ditch the same old crunches. Instead, try hula hooping. Ensure you keep your core strong before trying this fun gear. Your abs, obliques, hips, and lower back will indeed thank you.

Boosts Heart Health

Well, a Hula hoop does not only add a pleasing value to your aesthetics, but it can help your heart too. Try for at least 15 minutes a day and see how fast your heart starts to beat.

Stretch it to 30 minutes, and it allows your heart to pump the blood more efficiently. It also helps lower your blood pressure. Start today, and in a few months, you’ll get a strong heart.

Builds Muscle Strenght

While you hula hoop, you make small and purposeful rocking movements. And that not just builds agility but also helps lose fat. This type of movement helps loosen the tensed-up muscles near your back and the rest of the spine. Those deliberate movements move the blood to the spine improves and improve your flexibility to a great extent. If you have a desk job, this could be your savior.

Works As a Massage

After a session of hula-hooping, you may feel so good and couldn’t figure out why. Your abs and back may feel like they have just got a massage.  It increases blood flow to the muscles making your muscles stronger.

 Reduces Stress

Hula-hooping is synonymous with meditation. Since it offers a strange rhythmic and rocking relaxation and also ensures you start breathing deeply. Besides working with each of the muscles of your body, it can also be a good workout for your brains since it forces you to concentrate. So, when you hula hoop, you forget the present and start getting caught in the moment of hooping.

 Boosts Endorphins

For that fresh boost of endorphins, you can always rely on your hoop. What can we say, but happiness is a hoop away? And we all know the importance of endorphins. The more you supply them to your body, the healthier and happier you are.

Well, you may not run and hence not get a runner’s high, but you can always get a hooper’s high. The bottom line is, invest in a hula hoop, and you won’t be regretting your decision. So, have you tried this workout in the past? How did the results turn out? Do let us know in the comments section!

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