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Always Wanted To Look Like The Rock? Take The Rock Challenge

The Rock was one of the most famous wrestlers of the WWE, turning to become a huge Hollywood superstar (figuratively and literally). During his wrestling days, he was already a pretty big guy but when he first appeared in Fast Five, he was noticeably a lot bigger and if you compare The Rock before and now, we’d call him “The Boulder.” So, if you have ever wanted to be like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, here’s how you can get there. The Rock trains and eats monster big every day and we can now see the regime so regular people like us can be take step closer to be like him.

Meet Mark Webster

Are you brave enough to try The Rock Challenge?

Mark Webster is just an average guy. What sets him apart from us mere mortals is that he was the first one to do The Rock Challenge. He documents his progress in his blog When he found out about The Rock’s workout program and diet plan, he was shocked but wanted to try it for himself. Mark goes to work and still does all his regular daily routines but is still able to finish this intense program.

Eating 7 Times a Day

People regularly eat 3 times a day with some snacks in between but someone as big as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has to eat 7 times a day to maintain his colossal body. The Rock doesn’t just eat anything he wants, he has a very specific and very strict diet plan that is designed for him by professionals. He has to eat every 2 to 3 hours, and eating a single meal takes up about 20 to 30 minutes on average. You’d have to spend around 3 hours a day eating, and then have to take around 2 hours just to prepare all your meals!

How Much It Costs

If you’re planning to be like The Rock, then you have to be rich like The Rock. He is one of the biggest Hollywood stars and was the highest paid actor of 2013 and 2015 so you can be sure that he’s loaded. Eating like him can be really expensive and when Mark Webster tried it, he spent $1,262 a month on food alone which was around $42 a day.

5,000 Calories A Day

The Rock’s 7 meals a day has around 5,000 calories, which is around twice the calories a normal guy consumes in a day (between 2,400 to 3,000). Well, it’s no wonder since he’s twice as big as a normal guy, and maybe just a tiny bit more.

Training 6 Days A Week

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Going to the gym 6 times a week is hard work.

If you’re eating like The Rock then you have to train like him too. If you eat that much calories every day and don’t train just as much, then expect to become really fat, really quick. Mark Webster tried The Rock’s Hercules workout routine which he tweaked for himself. He does an hour of cardio then 90 minutes of weight lifting workouts every session. Webster may not be able to lift as many weights as the big man but he certainly can train as much as him. That kind of dedication is hard to come by.

The Results

After a month of doing the program, Mark Webster’s weight didn’t show any big changes, but all his efforts weren’t wasted. Even though he didn’t gain or lose a lot of weight, Mark was able to gain a lot of muscle mass and had a more lean body than before he started. He also gained a lot of strength, and the pain and aches he experiences throughout his body are now gone. He now feels a lot better and even his resting heartbeat has become a lot better, dropping by 4 beats a minute.

The Rock’s Feedback

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Everyone was impressed, even The Rock himself

Initially, The Rock was skeptical of someone doing his program and says that a regular person wouldn’t be able to pull it off because it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and you have to have the right genes (The Rock is half Samoan/half Black). But after Mark Webster was done with the challenge, he was able to impress everyone, even The Rock himself. He has earned The Rock’s respect, for doing something that The Rock knows is really hard to do. So are you up for The Rock 30 Day Challenge?

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