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Would You Believe These Foods Are Healthy For You?

The number of lists being distributed telling you that the foods you enjoy are actually terrible and asking you to stop having them are numerous. The lists never give you information that the foods are actually healthy for you, but will speak about secret fats and methods of processing, leaving you with the feeling you should never have these foods.

This list is not intended to discuss what you shouldn’t have but we’ll try and make an overview of foods that are actually surprisingly healthy for you. There are surely some you thought were unhealthy and never made an attempt to understand why! Going through this discussion you will understand why these foods are actually healthy for you but for reasons unknown, you have been convinced to believe differently.

Are Eggs As Foods Healthy for You?

Eggs Are Not Controversial – They Are Actually Healthy

In terms of health, eggs were always believed to be controversial. There was a time when eggs were considered healthy and people had them plenty before they started worrying about high cholesterol levels and refrained from eating eggs. Many people were content to have just egg whites until scientists provided information that eggs were not as bad as believed and it was the saturated fat people were using that was the cause of the high cholesterol. Unlike previously believed, when experts had mentioned that having foods high in cholesterol could lead to heart disease, information is now available that heart disease is caused by having foods which are high in saturated fats. No recommendations have been made by scientists for people to begin binging on eggs but clarifications have certainly been provided that a healthy adult can have one egg every day. Having eggs as foods is actually healthy because eggs are a great source of nutrition.

Would You Believe Chocolate Is Bad for You?

The Beneficial Properties Of Chocolates Can Surprise You

Have you ever spoken to your dentist about the kind of candy you are allowed to have? The answer provided by the dentist could probably surprise you because dentists are not known to like hard and sticky candies but will recommend chocolate because it is healthier for your teeth. Chocolate does not destroy the enamel because it is a lot easier to wash it off the teeth. Dark chocolate does not have a lot of sugar and is also low in acidity when compared to most of the verities of non-chocolate candies. It can also help combat against bad breath and some dentists even believe it is effective in slowing down tooth decay. After understanding the beneficial properties of chocolate, you could begin to believe you were unnecessarily restrained from having them, despite it actually being healthy for you.

Frozen Vegetables Are Better And Safer Than Fresh

Frozen Vegetables Retain Their Freshness Longer Than Fresh Produce

Would you believe you just need to have fresh vegetables because they can provide you with the most nutrition? You would probably be right if you are in a position to visit the farmers market regularly and purchase fresh and in-season vegetables and fruits. However, most people around the country don’t have such an option and often visit supermarket chains for the products they need. They usually purchase frozen products which are better and safer than fresh despite sitting in the freezer for quite some time. Fresh produce generally goes through the transportation chain before reaching the end consumer, losing its freshness and nutrients. It is also handled by numerous people increasing the chances of infectious diseases spreading. Frozen vegetables, on the other hand, are deep frozen at the source soon after harvesting. The process of deep freezing allows the vegetables to retain their nutrients even when they are stored in a freezer for quite some time. Moreover, consumers don’t have to worry about any infectious diseases because the extreme temperatures during the freezing would have destroyed any bacteria making the vegetables safer than fresh.

Choosing Canned Fish – Try Salmon Instead of Tuna

Canned Salmon is A Better Option Than Tuna

Tuna was considered as the ultimate healthy food which could be had when they were short of time. Tuna has proteins, omega-3 fatty acids along with other nutrients. However, people are now concerned about the mercury levels in tuna and are refraining from having it regularly. People will find the option of having salmon instead of tuna better because they still have the same health benefits available to them without the risks of mercury. Canned salmon is farmed in conditions from where people do not have to worry about mercury levels and moreover the prices are also decent and not as expensive as believed.

If you decided to have the foods according to the lists being distributed, you would probably lose out on the fun of having these foods which are actually healthy for you, simply because wrong information has been provided. You would be better off if you decided to make some inquiries and tried to understand how these foods are healthy for you and can also be eaten in moderation. You would be giving your body the nutrition it needs without compromising on your enjoyment of having the food you like.

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