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The Best Fitness Trackers For Swimming

Summer is the best time to get inside the pool. After all, nothing gets more exciting than sweating it out yet staying cool!  If you are someone who wishes to delve more into swim workouts and sense how vital it is to track and monitor the performance inside the water- here’s your ready guide. You can use- precisely the best of waterproof fitness trackers that ‘recreational swimmers’ would swear by.

The Garmin Swim 2

So the brand is a non-swim one, and that poses a question if the swim watch would be the perfect fit at all. If used at decent speeds, the accuracy level stuns everyone. In contrast to the triathlon or multisport watches, Garmin Swim 2 is best for swimming. For triathletes who depend on GPS to track their run and bike sessions, this is not the best watch (till, of course, you use it for swimming).

What’s great about it is the auto-detection modes meant for all four strokes. A drill-logging feature ensures that varied drills and swimming modes are enabled. Resistant to 50m, this watch scores great in the looks department. Try uploading workouts in a wireless mode here. If you have Windows or MAC, it will deliver the work on time. Garmin’s specialty lies in the chest strap, which monitors the heart rate that looks after the wearer at the time of swimming.

FORM Swim Goggles

FORM made news way back in 2019 when the waterproof trackers took a huge leap. If you see it from the standpoint of accuracy, functionality, and yes, the looks- this one will be the undisputed leader (check the heads-up display). Any metric- pace, splits, overall time, heart rate, stroke rates, and whatever you wish to have, this one will reflect the results at the earliest. Compatible with Polar OH1 and OH+1 heart rate monitors, the goggles are what swimmers practically dream of having in their prized collection.
To an extent, the swimming data can be a tad distracting when you’re in the middle of the workout. But gradually, you will get used to the rolling data. Expect to hit the wall like many others, simply because of the amazing display the tracker has! For outdoor pools or low-light conditions, count on this pair. Comfortable to sweat, the batteries last for no less than 16 hours. In contrast to google straps, this one checks to see that the straps made of pure silicone would last longer.

Apple Watch Series 5

For veering into the so-called ‘smartwatch’ category in the swim trackers list, begin by investing in the Apple Watch Series 5. So what if the company released its first watch in 2015? But it wasn’t waterproof, and the watch would only be suitable for lap swimming purposes. But the question remains- how much will the watch function after you install the workout app.

This way, you can keep a tab on the total volume of a swim workout, stroke detection, bygone time, and more. In addition to that, few more features seem to propel the glamour quotient like GPS tracking, heart rate measurement, water lock, third-party apps like and MySwimPro, and so on. Don’t forget the water lock feature.

FINIS Swim Sense waterproof fitness tracker

FINIS gear has made a mark in the innovation category. When it comes to creating products for competition winners, the company has worked hard enough. The funny part is the list of products like FINIS Duo, Tempo Trainer Pro, Agility Paddles, good quality underwater music ability seem to distinguish experts from novices well! Even when the size is slightly larger, and the line of products also doesn’t seem to reveal the same, the fitness tracker works to the best of its capacity.

Now cut out the ‘boxy’ issue and see what you’re likely to get at the time of buying. This is a rechargeable product, wherein you can plug in to watch a song, video, or movie at the time of working out, connect that to the USB port, and don’t forget to top the battery. Even reading digital content that you can accomplish in an instant! The display is in high contrast OLED mode.

The list can be exhaustive enough! So focus on what would be your ideal choice and invest in it.

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