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Big Belly Foods That Can Potentially Wreck Your Shape

You don’t gain a big belly simply by guzzling pints of beer or lazing on your lounge. You could potentially be having big belly foods inadvertently without really understanding they can leave you feeling wretched and looking like an individual who never stops eating.

We are not trying to scare you away from the kind of foods you may be having but our intention is just to point out that you may be exceeding your calorie intake with the foods you have. We also intend to give you information about the kind of efforts you would have to make to reduce the paunch you develop, simply because you couldn’t resist the big belly foods ahead of you. If you do not want to wreck your shape you are advised to continue reading this article because it could help you to make informed decisions.

Which Are the Worst Big Belly Foods You Should Avoid?


Glazed donuts can give you 260 cal and are natural belly busters.

Have a difficulty resisting fresh doughnuts? If you cannot keep your temptations away from you, you would be giving your belly an opportunity to bulk up. You are advised to stop having doughnuts after a single one. Glazed doughnuts have 260 cals and an entire box will give your body 3120 cals. If you weigh 200 pounds you will be required to run for just 25 miles before you can burn the bulk of.

Ice Cream

Half a cup of ice cream is worth 230 cal.

Ice cream will definitely give you some calcium along with about 230 cals for every half cup you have. Please understand we’re just talking about plain vanilla ice cream without toppings. The better option for you would be to look for slowly churned ice cream because it is lower in fat and you get just 100 cals for every half cup, regardless of the flavor you choose.


Would you believe that a serving of 15 chips can give you 160 cal? Can you stop after having just 15 chips? Add to that a couple of tablespoons of French onion dip and you have increased your calorie intake to 220 along with 5 g of fat. You would be better off by having some fat-free popcorn which can give you just 100 cals after having 6 cups.


This cocktail is trendy to have but is also high in fat. It contains scotch and vodka which is infused with bacon fat. It is also served with a strip of bacon on occasions. A single cocktail will give you 284 cal which is higher than a doughnut and is sufficient to bust your belly up. Rather than having Bacontini, you are advised to choose a classic martini which can be had in moderation. Alcohol can add calories to your body but your heart will be thankful to you for the olive in the martini rather than the bacon strip.


The calorie count in a 12 ounce can of beer is about 150 and the calories just keep adding up along with anything else you decide to eat or drink. Want to make a better choice than beer without losing on the fun? Have some light beer because it limits your calorie intake to just about 100 for every can you have.

The Humble Hot Dog

This all-American hobby can bust your belly with 390 cal and 8 G of fat.

Hogging on the humble hot dog while cheering your home team is considered an All-American hobby. Include the extras with the hot dog and the calorie count will hit the roof. One cheese hot dog can give you 390 cal along with 8 g of fat. Calculate the numbers and you would have to work extra hard then just having a box of doughnuts. Instead of the humble hot dog, your cause would be better served by peanuts which are high in protein, fiber, and good fats.

Fatty Red Meat

If red meat is your favorite consider having tenderloin or flank steak.

If red meat and potatoes are your favorites, you would prefer to have a big juicy steak which covers your entire plate. Are you aware that a 16-ounce prime rib can give you in excess of 1000 cal and about 37 g of fat? Mind you, we haven’t discussed appetizers and sides. You should limit the size of the steak and also choose lean meat such as tenderloin or flank steak because they will be better choices for your belly.

Meat Topped Pizza

A pizza is certainly healthy if you decide to have a couple of slices which have vegetables as toppings. Exchange the toppings for pepperoni, ham, beef, and sausage and you are increasing your intake by over 300 cals in a single slice. Stick to the vegetables instead because it gives you extra fiber and nutrients and reduces nearly 100 cals for every slice.

These are some of the worst big belly foods which you should avoid if you intend to stay in shape. You can also add foods such as giant burgers, supersized French fries and too much soda to the list hoping to maintain a healthy lifestyle and great body.

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