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Bittersweet Relationship You Have With Food When Dieting

We’ve all been there. When the New Year comes, it becomes our popular New Year’s resolution to go “dieting” and live a healthy lifestyle. We want to become healthy for a lot of reasons. Most of us want to lose weight in order to achieve a better, leaner body shape and some of us just want to get rid of an impending disease. In the first few months of our diet regimen, we’re still too inspired and motivated to lose weight. But in the middle of the year, we find ourselves slowly withering. Why is it so hard to lose weight? It’s because we can hardly resist the temptation of food among other things! That’s why we keep having a bittersweet relationship with food. It may be painful to reminisce these mouthwatering foods but we’re here to remind you as to why you should reduce your consumption of these foods, no matter how badly you want it.


Man Eating Monstrous Burgers

Man Eating Enormous Burgers

For most of us, burgers had become number 1 favorite snack when we’re hungry. We just can’t resist the tasty and judicious beef patty topped with delicious tomatoes, lettuce, and bun, right? Yeah, it’s really delicious! However, you should be aware that just by eating one hamburger contains a lot of calories that may wreak havoc your weight loss journey. If you really want to eat a burger, we suggest you try to browse healthy homemade burger recipes which are healthier for you. In fact, you can eat it to your heart’s content without worrying about ruining your health!

Dessert Bars

Sugar Treats Can Spike Up Your Blood Sugar Which Triggers Terminal Illness

Sugar Treats Can Spike Up Your Blood Sugar Which Triggers Terminal Illness

Don’t even get us started with those sinfully delicious dessert bars! Whether it’s your favorite cheesecakes, pastries, frozen desserts, or cakes, we find ourselves struggling to withdraw from eating sweet treats. How can we when we love to indulge our sweet tooth? However, before you actually do it, let us remind you about a bittersweet truth about sweets. Sweets are usually packed with sugar, and you already know that sugar is dangerous for your health. It’ll spike up your blood sugar at unimaginable levels which triggers serious illnesses like Diabetes, High Blood pressure, and heart diseases. Aside from that, the nasty and obvious side effect of consuming too much sugar is that it builds up your belly fat. So if you don’t want to get fat, especially around your belly, don’t eat too much sugar!


Gluten free bread is always a better option for patients suffering from celiac disease.

We just love to eat bread and heavy carbs! Why is that we tend to pair bread with eggs or other foods in our breakfast? Aside from that, we just like to bake bread and cakes and munch them, not just as our snacks, but also in special occasions. But what you didn’t know is that an active ingredient in bread, called wheat, is one of the primary culprits why we’re not losing weight. Why? It’s because the wheat is highly hybridized and processed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This, in turn, makes it hard for our stomach to digest. Since it’s a heavy carbohydrate, it’s also responsible for spiking up our blood sugar levels since most processed wheat is made with refined sugar.

More than that, it’s actually dangerous for people who are gluten intolerant (especially those with celiac disease) to eat and digest wheat. For those who didn’t know, wheat has active component gluten which some people find it hard to digest. If you want to eat healthy bread, we suggest eating the sprouted wheat, but for celiac disease, we recommend eating gluten-free bread.

Not Eating Veggies

We all know how vegetables are good for our health. It’s one of the healthiest foods to eat and the good news is that we can eat as much as we can without worrying about getting fat. It’s also packed with fiber, nutrients, and vitamins which nourish our body to become stronger and boost our immune system. However, not all of us can eat veggies with ease. The taste is sometimes bland and it’s hard for us to chew it (it feels like we’re eating leaves). If you’re struggling with eating veggies, we recommend you to blend some of them into smoothies. You’ll be surprised how good they actually taste, especially when reduced into chunks and concocted with fruits and healthy fats!

Pizza and Other Fast Food Snacks

Let’s face it. You dreaded celebrations in the office because those delicious pizzas and other fun snacks are tempting you to break your diet, right? Well, fret not. There is actually a way to resist them. Why don’t you make a healthy version of your pizza? Or if not, you can pack a piece of fruit, nuts, and some granola bars to your bag. And when it’s actually snack time, you can pull them out and eat them instead of eating these processed foods. If you can, try to pack a healthy sandwich for your snack to allow some variations too!

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