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Bored With Your Regular Gym Routine? Then Try Martial Arts to Get Ripped Really Fast!

Incorporating regular workouts and earning rights is the key to maintaining your fitness. However, we often get bored with the regular stuff that we do. Going to the gym is great, but sometimes you need to take a break from your routine. You should introduce new fitness rituals that will challenge you and change you mentally and physically. We are talking about Martial Arts training, which will amp up your fitness levels and make you strong enough to ward off any attack.

In some ways, MMA training can save your life. It can help you to lose fat and gain health. It can also improve your health parameters and rev up your self-defense skills. Also, it isn’t a fitness fad. Martial arts can help you in strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, improving agility, flexibility, improving gross motor control, and bringing up your spatial awareness as well. If you are wondering exactly which one of the myriad Martial Arts training you can try, we will give you the details right here.


Nothing can amp up your defense techniques as well as the Judo/Hapkido. Some self-defense centers can teach Judo to beginners. However, if you are looking solely to lose weight, this may not be the ideal training form for you as it does not involve a lot of moving up and down, striking and more. However, it can be a pretty good one for self-defense techniques.


Is it a dance, or is it a fighting stance? Well, whatever it is, it is one of the best active martial arts that can be pretty hard to learn and practice. That is because it includes multiple moves, right from punches, kicking, takedowns, sweeping, acrobatics, elbow strikes, knee strikes, and more. Just mastering these moves will help you drop the pounds effectively. Regular practice will help you inch closer towards your fitness goals.


Karate is one of the most effective strengthening exercises. It offers a powerhouse of a workout as it works every one of your muscles. However, if you are looking for a solid cardio workout, this is not the one for you. It depends a lot on your core strength as you move your upper body with greater force.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga isn’t for the faint-hearted, and it includes many movements right from Wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Wing Chun, and Boxing. It can help you sharpen your defense skills, pull down your enemy/attacker, and knock them out in one swift blow. Krav Maga is a combination of speed and power and can help you blow and kick him out. It isn’t that helpful to lose weight, though.


Boxing may not be a smart choice for weight loss when you compare it with other martial arts. However, if you combine strength and power into boxing, you may lose a fair number of calories. Most of the power involves including upper body movements and quick dodges. However, just a few minutes in, and boxing can drain you out.

Kung Fu/Taekwondo

Kung Fu is another diverse martial art that includes many fighting styles of many other martial arts. It involves moves like jumping, flipping, kicking taekwondo, and more. Those leaping and flying kicks pack in a solid punch, literally! This is one of the most effective workouts as it involves a great cardio workout and gives you a good leg strengthening workout.


MMA  is one of the ultimate martial arts forms as it is the ultimate calorie scorcher. You need to move around, change your stance, throw a kick or drop a punch. It is one of the most effective workouts that give you the most bang for your buck. It is also exhausting, and you’ll start burning calories in no time at all.

Fitness is not all about losing weight only. It is also about bettering yourself and learning a new skill while you do so. What if you want the best of both worlds, weight loss, and self-defense skills? If you want that, choose these self-defense techniques, choose your favorite, or better still, choose more than one. Each self-defense form has something or the other to teach you besides boosting your fitness levels. So, make sure you pick one that matches your lifestyle and is easily accessible to you.

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