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What Would Be Your Choice Between Fitness And Fatness?

The “Obesity Paradox” is termed as a controversial idea which holds the view that people who are obese can, in fact, live longer than their slimmer counterparts. Researchers have come out with views that the paradox may actually be trying to indicate, regardless of how heavy or slim an individual is, his or her longevity actually depends on their cardiovascular fitness.

Fitness And Fatness Should Not Be Confused

This simply indicates that an obese person, who has maintained a high level of fitness, can be expected to live longer than his own slim counterpart who may be unfit.

What Is The Obesity Paradox Pointing At?

Epidemiological studies conducted among people have revealed information that despite the Obesity Paradox looking counterintuitive, obese people who are suffering from heart conditions display a better prognosis than their counterparts that are slimmer.

Dr. Carl Lavie, The Author of The Obesity Paradox.

The medical director of cardiac rehabilitation and prevention at the John Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute of New Orleans, Dr. Carl Lavie who is also the author of the book “The Obesity Paradox”, has spoken at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions on November 9, 2015, and said that the weight of an individual regardless of whether it’s from body fat or lean tissue, is not the only factor which determines the longevity of the individual. Dr. Lavie also mentioned that fitness has a stronger role to play during the survival of an individual rather than just fatness.

Dr. Lavie could be discussing a point which has often been ignored by many who just seem to believe that fatness is the prime cause of cardiovascular and related illnesses whereas in reality it could be directly related to fitness.

The Journal Progress In Cardiovascular Diseases published a meta-analysis in 2014, when it was revealed that when the matter of long-term mortality was discussed, fitness had a bigger role to play than fatness. The researchers had obtained information that the survival rates among fit people, regardless of whether they were obese, overweight or had a normal weight, was similar as compared to people that were unfit. The unfit group was twice as likely to succumb to their condition than the people who were fit.

Dr. Lavie has mentioned that the Obesity Paradox actually means nothing when the fitness levels of an individual are factored into his or her health.

The Fitness And Fatness Debate Can Leave People  Perplexed

When Fitness Is Factored BMI, Waist Circumference And Fat Percentage Do Not Affect Mortality Rates.

Dr. Lavie also co-authored another study which revealed that body mass index, waist circumference or the fat percentage within the body did not affect mortality rates when the factor of fitness was considered. The study concluded that the people who were considered fit during the study all had better chances of survival.

The findings authored by Dr. Lavie may be helpful to a number of people that need encouragement to improve their fitness. Trying to become lighter and getting physical activity regularly can significantly reduce the risks while also helping people to remain motivated with their objective to avoid cardiovascular conditions. People should understand the difference between fitness and fatness if they intend to live longer mentioned Dr. Lavie.

The Obesity Paradox Shouldn’t Confuse People into Adding Weight.

The existence of the obesity paradox may lead some people to believe they should be trying to improve their weight in order to have a longer life. People are advised not to make assumptions of these types because there is plenty of evidence to support that obesity and is indeed the cause of a number of diseases of the heart. The obesity paradox is just a study which provides information that fitness and fatness, when combined together, may lead to better survival rates. It does not, in any way, provides information that fatness should be welcomed by individuals that are concentrating on being fit. It is essential for people to understand that loss of weight and physical activity are important aspects of improving cardiovascular fitness.

The Obesity Paradox by Dr. Lavie just mentions that fitness and fatness can be managed together in order to increase the chances of survival. People who are overweight or obese will definitely be increasing their risks of cardiovascular conditions. However, if they are prepared to combine fitness with their fatness, they may be giving themselves an opportunity to lead longer lives without having to spend a lot of money on health care bills because of cardiovascular conditions.

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