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All About Christie Brinkley’s Easy-to-Follow Fitness Tips that Make Sixty Look Like the New Thirty!

Christie Brinkley has been one of the original supermodels. She is in her sixties, however, if you look at her images, you will think she is not a day over 25 or 30. So, how does she do it? She still looks as gorgeous as she did in the ’80s and ’90s. The reason for her maintaining her looks and fitness varies from eating right to taking care of her skin. She has been very particular about her health. Brinkley doesn’t take her health lightly as it is clearly evident. Let’s take a good look at her fitness secrets and how it helps her maintain her gorgeous self with advancing years.

Her Morning Shows the Day

Brinkley has been vocal about how she loves to begin her day with a bang and not mess around in the morning. She leaps out of bed in the morning, goes downstairs, and makes herself a big cup of coffee to begin her day. It gives her a kick to begin the day and include her workouts. She also gets more time to fit in everything she wants to in her day.

Christie also loves staying active and keeps her joints moving properly. She says that it helps her joints to keep moving because when she is moving, she feels great. Being too still will act on joints and she will soon feel its debilitating effect. As she knows it, she has always preferred to stay active.

Her Pets Keep Her Active

Christie believes that it is her pets that keep her active. She does her best to keep her pets healthy too and makes it a point to walk them around. Science agrees that keeping pets will improve health in numerous ways, such as lowering blood pressure and maintaining cholesterol levels. Christie is able to maintain her fitness without trying too hard, which is a great thing. Fitness and movement should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle as it is easy to maintain.

She Includes Weight Training into Her Fitness Routine

Christie has discovered the benefits of weight training and she is not going to give it up as yet. She believes that the key is to mix it up. The more variety you add, the more likely you are to maintain your workout and have fun with it. She also loves the Total Gym so much that she’s become a spokesperson for it.

To ensure variety, she includes other exercises such as a spin class or working with weights into her routine. She also ensures that she does not sit for too long and continues to add movement throughout the day. Sitting, as she says, is the main enemy here; the more you hold still the more you are going to rust. The things that she loves to do when she is not lifting weights include kayaking, trying stand-up, paddleboarding, surfing, rafting, or just running on the beach. In fact, the more active she is, the happier she feels. Sitting for long hours is simply not an option for her.

She Takes Her Workouts Outside

If you browse through Christie’s Instagram account, you’ll see that most of the time she is out and about, keeping active, and enjoying herself thoroughly. In fact, sunlight and fresh air keep her happy. She captions her photos on her Instagram, saying it helps grease her joint. She even takes out her Total Gym to get her joints moving and get the sunshine and fresh air simultaneously.

Moving Her Arms

Beyond running and spinning, Christie includes several other changes in her daily routine. She noticed that when she is doing any activity, whether it is dancing or just walking, it revs up her metabolism. She makes it a point to increase arm movements in her workouts.  Whether going down the beach, swimming, or picking up rocks while she is walking.  It will help start a good sweat and breathe heavily. She says the minute people will include these changes, they will see a drastic change as she has in her life.

There you go, there is no rocket science to her fitness game. In fact, you can start your fitness routine right now and if she is able to maintain her fitness with these easy-to-maintain tips, you’ll be able to maintain it too. Ensure you have the resolve to maintain it throughout your life.

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