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Exercise Burnout is Real And Here is What You Need to Do About it!

Regular exercise can help you in numerous ways. Not only, can it keep you stay fit and keep chronic diseases at bay while helping you get into the best shape ever, but it can also help you get into a great frame of mind. However, have you heard the saying that too much of anything is not good for you? It holds for exercises as well. Too much exercise can literally cause exercise burnout. So, what is this exercise burnout? It is a term used to denote how over-exercising can derail your best efforts and cause various side effects such as fatigue, low motivation, reduced performance, and also lessen your productivity. The longer the burnout, the more it will affect your physical and emotional health. However, you can lower the burnout effects, by including various hacks such as the following,

Take a Week Off If You Want

Taking a week off from exercise is very much required as it can aid in muscle recovery, especially after those intense exercise regimes. If you take a week off, you can help rebuild muscles and bones and bring them to a stronger state, and give your body the rest it deserves for improving the endurance and strength outcomes after you return to your workout schedule. Remember, what you need is a break from intense exercise and not to stop moving around altogether, so you have to ditch the couch no matter what. You can try various stuff such as different training modalities, trying different physical movements such as rolling, stretching, walking more, and include many low-impact movements.

Notch Up Your Creativity Levels

Sometimes, you may need to know how a short time period can help you relax as you take a break from your same old routine. You may need a break from a routine and prevent burnout. If you skip full-body strength training workouts, you can instead work each of the separate muscle groups. Instead of a push-pull routine, dedicate a specific day to hit a certain body group or muscle type. Say you are used to running three to four times a week, you can break the routine as you include a cardiovascular exercise and include it at least one or two days a week to continue your exercise habits. Try various techniques such as a Tabata class, a spin class, or a dance class.

Infuse New Life into Your Old Habits

Did you have an active hobby and just stopped in the middle? So, you can try new stuff such as yoga or a pilates class. It is in fact the perfect solution to minimize exercise burnout. It may also channelize your energy to focus on something new. Try new activities and enjoy them outright at the comfort of your home, as if nobody is watching.

Include Outdoor Activities

Outdoor workouts are the ultimate thing since they keep you motivated and include a whole lot of fun into your workout regime. People can try different types of workouts such as HIIT classes. The idea is to challenge yourself and incorporate more workouts focusing on outdoor activities. You can try things such as trail running or just moderate exercise, like walking or stretching. A workout outside can also help you stay motivated and help you hit the trail, Also, when you exercise outside, your stress levels or cortisol levels do not shoot up as much and you get the most of your workout.

New Goals

If burnout still occurs despite doing everything you tried to do, then it is best to set new goals for yourself. Also, if your old goal is not working for you, then it is time to set yourself a new goal and continue to ask yourself, what do you want to achieve in four weeks. Set your goals keeping in mind everything right from specific goals that are measurable and realistic, so that you can smash them.

Stay in tune with your body and understand what it is trying to tell you If you are tired and feeling more fatigued than ever, it is time you switch your workout routine and try things that can make you feel good about yourself and not run down.

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