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Fitness and Sports: Do They Really Come Hand in Hand?

There has been a big buzz regarding becoming fit as possible in the recent times. People have been finding ways to stay in shape. One of these ways is through sports. But what is the connection between fitness and sports? How do they come hand in hand?

The Benefits of Being Physically Fit

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Fitness is becoming an imperative concern in today’s world. People want to live longer so that they can enjoy it to the fullest. But an extended lifespan is useless if one is constantly ill. Thus, there is a need for a person to be in his best shape. But what does a person gain in becoming fit (at least in the physical sense)? Here are some of them:

Lower Risk of Having Heart Attacks

It is common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main factors which contribute to heart attacks. Though it is a sobering fact, one need not despair. It can easily be countered by moving more and incorporating activity in one’s daily life.

Better Weight Control

Obesity is a rampant epidemic in our fast-paced world. The ability to access almost everything at one’s fingertips has led many to live basically a lazy way of living; resulting in becoming obese. Becoming physically fit can help one to avoid this condition by ensuring that a person doesn’t accumulate excess body fat.

Lesser Amount of Stress

The demands of work and daily living can be extremely stressful and may take its toll on a person’s overall health. Engaging in physical activities can be of help in minimizing stress as the mentioned activity causes the release of stress-fighting compounds, better known as oxytocin.

Decreased Risk of Having Hypertension

Hypertension (or an abnormally high blood pressure) is a dangerous health condition, becoming prevalent in both developed and developing countries. Though many factors can be linked to it, one surefire way to beat it is through having a more physically active life.

An Extra Boost of Energy

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It has been said that obesity and an inactive lifestyle can become a vicious cycle. The less one person moves, the more he gains in terms of weight. Take these factors into account and low energy levels and sluggishness is not far behind. Thankfully, becoming physically fit can help to avoid the above-mentioned cycle. The more one moves, the more one loses.

The Benefits of Sports

There are numerous ways to keep fit. Some do it by means of dancing or working up a sweat. Others achieve fitness through sports, be it individual or team. But what are the benefits a person can gain from playing sports?

Honing One’s Social Skills

Sports offer more than just physical benefits. In fact, it develops a person wholly. One of the areas which are honed in sports is the social aspect of someone. One learns how to get along with different types of people to reach a common goal.

Developing Self-Discipline

Discipline is a word which is an integral part of the sports world. Without it, one cannot achieve what he has set out to do. Sports instill discipline in someone by reminding that rules are to be followed (in all aspects of life). Not only that, discipline is formed through the constant training necessary to excel in one’s chosen sport.

Acquiring a Sense of Teamwork

Most sports require a team in order to be played. Selfishness has no place in team activities, thus the popular adage “there is no I in teamwork.” Playing sports instills in a person a sense of belonging in a group.

Gaining Confidence in Oneself

A sport has the ability to bolster a person’s confidence. The feeling of being able to win has a lot of impact on one’s self-esteem. The same thing can be said for knowing that one has given his all in case of defeat.


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One can’t be a winner all the time. It is a fact of life that there will always be someone who is better (even in sports). Thus, those who engage in it need to learn how to give it their best shot. At the same time, they must also be ready to abide by the rules and accept defeat with grace.

The Connection between Fitness and Sports

Fitness and sports are closely connected, to the point of going hand in hand. One can say that the former is a result of engaging in the latter. When one is into sports (at the same time, observing the proper ways of playing), fitness is sure to follow. Fitness and sports develop not only the physical aspect of a person but also their mental, emotional, and social capabilities.

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