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Four Unconventional Fitness Exercises You Might Have Not Heard Of

With the rampant spread of infectious diseases in the present times, people are once again getting on the fitness bandwagon. Aside from living a relatively healthy lifestyle and having proper nutrition, most people also focus on keeping fit through exercise. However, it is also a fact that a workout program quickly loses its appeal; its components become too familiar or too comfortable to do. The solution to this problem is none other than to try new fitness exercises. Below are some which you might not have heard of yet but are certainly worth a try.

Bear Push-ups

man doing push upDo you feel like the regular push-ups are not doing what it’s supposed to? Then this modified form might be for you. It is one of the lesser-known exercises which target the shoulders and triceps.


The person who is doing this specific exercise should be in the following starting position: he should be in the bear crawl stance. Place your knees and hands on the ground while the wrists are in line with shoulders. Then, push your knees off the ground about an inch or two. While maintaining the proper back form, bend both the elbows until the knees make contact with the ground. As a safety measure, the elbows should be kept close to the body. Afterward, straighten your arms again so that he can return to the initial position.

Seal Walk

Are toned shoulders and triceps part of your “dream body” goals? The seal walk is one of the unconventional exercises which might be of help to you. It mimics, as its name suggests, the way a seal walks (by pushing itself on the ground through utilizing its arms). What makes it more challenging is how you also have to keep your trunk (or middle part of the body) raised in the air while executing this exercise.


As a starting position, the individual who is performing this should be in the basic push-up stance. Then place an object like a disposable plate on the toes. Move your arms in a forward motion. Do this while the legs are put into action by the object on your toes. During this time, the knees should not be in contact with the ground, and the back should be kept straight. It is ideal for the one who is executing this move to walk 5-10 feet forward, make a turn, and return to where he has been initially.

Plank with Cactus Arms

The standard plank has been hailed as one of the best moves to tone one’s core, as well as the legs and arms. However, this version can get somewhat repetitive and tiresome if you get used to doing it. The plank with cactus arms is one way of bringing much-needed variety to this staple exercise.


The individual performing this move should start in the basic plank position. Afterward, he must reach his right arm forward. At the same time, the left hand should provide stability. Then bend the right hand out to the side to resemble a cactus’ arm.  With this having been accomplished, the person should again reach forward with the right arm and place it back to the initial position. Repeat this with the left arm.

Drop Squat

woman squatsDo you want to achieve or maintain a perky derrière along with muscular calves? The drop squat (don’t mistake it for a jump squat) is your best bet for getting it. This type of squat is a combo of the lateral and vertical jump.


The person executing this move should stand while keeping the feet together and slightly bending the knees as an initial position. He must then jump and then go down to a squat (Note: the feet must be wider as opposed to the shoulders when lowering oneself to the ground). Afterward, he must get back to the initial position by reversing the squat and bringing his feet back together.

So if you’re feeling bored or unmotivated by your usual workout routines, give these unconventional exercises a try. Experiment and try new things once in a while, so you don’t lose track of achieving your fitness goals. But make sure you take a professional’s help before starting a new workout!

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