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Frozen Shoulder? Here’s How a New Fitness Routine Could Help You Fix It!

A frozen shoulder or adhesive capitalistic in the clinical terms is a condition where your shoulder’s mobility is restricted. It makes it difficult to move your shoulder like you normally would, making it hard to carry out everyday life functions. Mostly stemming from an accident or injury, it causes the muscle to get thicker and tighter. The scar tissue grows over a period and leaves less room for your shoulder joint to rotate properly.

While treating the injury completely is not possible, you can significantly reduce the damage by embracing a new fitness routine. While experts believe that frozen shoulder heals on its own, it has a strong impact on a person’s life during its course. And this impact is life-altering. If you’ve been battling it too, here’s how a few small changes to your fitness routine could melt that frozen shoulder!

The Finger Walk

This classic exercise is probably something you are already familiar with from your endless sessions with the physiotherapist. However, if you are not, here’s what you could do. Stand against a wall, stretch your hand out, and rest the first two fingers on the wall. Without inching forward, raise your hand up and down like walking your finger upwards.

Do this a couple of times to reach the maximum height your hand would go to and go down. The finger walk exercise is something you could do anywhere, and that makes it the easiest one. While it is easy to perform, it is also very effective, making it important in your frozen shoulder fighting routine. You could do this a couple of times during the day, every day. And you would soon see yourself finding relief from that stubborn frozen shoulder.

Cross Body Stretches

This exercise is self-explanatory. All you have to do is stand straight and hold out your hurting hand. Now slowly stretch it across the other side of your body and hold it for a few seconds. For instance, if it is your right shoulder, stretch it towards your body’s left side against your chest and hold it that way for a few seconds.

You will feel the strain building against your back. Do this a few times daily, and within a short time, you would find relief from that hurting frozen shoulder.

Focus on Strengthening

Once you are into the routine of relieving the stiffness in your muscles, you need to focus on strengthening it. Frozen shoulder leaves you in pain, and your body subconsciously changes the way it operates. This means you are subconsciously avoiding the use of muscles that hurt,  and this, in turn, makes them weak.

While you try to get the muscles back to functioning normally, it is important to make them strong. So, include a few strengthening exercises in your routine. You could do simple warm-up exercises and minor weight lifting. These could go a long way. But make sure you take the help of a professional before you start lifting weights, as that might cause more severe injury if you are not cautious.

Rotation Exercises

Performing this exercise will need something as simple as a stretch band. You could use it to perform both inward and outward rotation exercises, which will ease the muscle movement and reduce the stiffness. Here’s what you need to do.

For outward rotation, stretch and hold the band firmly while lowering the arm of the hurting shoulder. Now stretch and rotate the hurting arm in the outward direction. Do this a few times and then rest.

You could then switch to the inward rotation exercise, before resuming the outward stretch routine. For this, you should firmly place the band on a closed door’s knob and hold the other end in your hurting hand. Now gently pull the band closer to your body and letting it go. Do this a few times every day.

Besides following these fitness tips and healing routines, it is also important to have a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to eat healthy food and get ample sleep. Remember that your tiredness and stress will only aggravate the pain and make the condition worse. If pain persists, visit a professional, and seek help to overcome the frozen shoulder.

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