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Caution! Fun And Games Are Not The Only Things Associated With Playgrounds

Children are supposed to have fun when they are left on playgrounds. Parents often leave their children for some physical activity on the playground, believing their child will have fun.  Little do they realize that playgrounds have more than just fun and games for the kids.

Many playgrounds throughout the country have poorly maintained equipment, rusty bars and plenty of litter. Playgrounds are rarely children friendly and are downright dangerous according to a group of physicians who specialize in emergency medicine.

These specialists have provided information that over 200,000 children are treated for traumatic brain injury and concussion every year. Children can break bones or even develop internal bleeding as a result of accidents that happen on playgrounds. Most of these injuries can indeed be prevented.

Parents should be mindful of their children and teach them to follow the safety rules after making them aware of the risks. Although children should be encouraged to play outside in order to promote a healthier lifestyle, it should be done after ensuring that they are absolutely safe.

Public places account for nearly 75% of playground-related injuries. Emergency physicians have pointed out that adult supervisors, babysitters, and parents can assure the safety of their children by adopting the following measures.

“Do not think because an accident hasn’t happened to you that it can’t happen. —Safety saying

What Measures Should Be Adopted?

 Pay Attention

Children should be given the attention they need because they can get excited on the playground. This applies even to older children. They must be watched to ensure their safety.

 Inspect The Equipment

The adults who accompany children must ensure that the equipment being used by the children is well-maintained. The area should have sufficient cushioning to prevent injuries. It is also important to watch out for broken bottles and other trash that can be potentially injurious.

 Consider The Age of the Child

Children should only be allowed to use equipment which is appropriate for their age. Younger children should not be allowed to play with equipment that is intended for older children. A similar rule must apply to the older children as well.

 Remove Hoods And Choking Hazards

Hoods that children are wearing must be removed. Care must also be taken to remove any choking hazards such as strings because they can be dangerous. Hoods can block the vision of the child. The risks of strings around children are well known.

 Follow The Rules

Children must be taught to adhere to the rules governing the safety of the playground. They should not be pushing or shoving other kids. Children must also be given information about being mindful of their surroundings. They should be instructed not to walk in front of a swing or try to climb a slide from the front instead of using the ladder.

 Avoid A Crowded Playground 

If a playground is crowded, it would be better to come back later. Excited children can run helter-skelter and be out of the eyesight of the adult supervisor. Precautions must be taken to avoid such instances.

“For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.”Eleanor Everett


Parents that are willing to follow these suggestions will find easy to prevent playground emergencies. Such emergencies account for the 200,000 accidents that have been reported. Only a small effort is needed on the part of parents to ensure absolute safety of their children. As a parent, you should not expect to find all playgrounds in prime condition. You must take responsibility for your kids and adopt every measure to ensure their safety.

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