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Hate Exercising? Useful Tips That May Change Your Mind

Going to the gym on a routine or having to do scheduled physical activities to stay fit can be exhausting and sometimes dull. It’s not easy making a regular habit of exercising. However, there are solutions to make it more exciting for you so that you will start looking forward to the next session. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually feel like working out? Let’s take a closer look and find out how to create that enthusiasm.

Finding your jam

Forcing yourself to do exercises that you don’t enjoy will most likely end up demotivating you in the long run. You need to do activities that appeal to you, and one of the best ways to start on this is to find socially engaging exercise plans.

A group dance class is a great idea, or you could sign up for a team that takes gym sessions together. Consider looking at your energy levels throughout the day to see whether you are a morning or an evening person. You may be surprised to find it easier to exercise at different times of the day instead of religiously sticking to a fixed schedule.

Take your time

A routine does not develop within a day or week. You need some time for it to become a habit. The goal is to ensure you regularly stick to it when you start out. Stick to the outlined plan, and in due time, you will find yourself doing it as a force of habit. The first two months are crucial – do everything you can to stick to your new routine for 60 days, and once you achieve that, it will become a lot easier.

Splitting your activities

Exercising continuously for an hour or more is not easy, especially when you have just begun. Even with a coach, this can be quite taxing and exhaust your body significantly.

Instead of going for three 1-hour gym or exercise sessions per week, you can split them into more manageable 20-minute sessions. You will have to do more of them per week, but they will be more manageable goals to accomplish. As you get used to them, you can then increase them based on set milestones.

Work your way in

Start easy and then work towards the more challenging tasks along the way. If you decide to start going to the gym, don’t go for the heavier weights or more complex workout machines. Ease into it. You can have a trainer design a program for you that will help you make progress as you move from the simple and lighter weights and into the more tasking exercises.

Alternative workouts to try if you hate exercising

Video games

Forget the notion that video games make are for couch-potatoes. Interactive video games actually keep you on your toes and help your body burn fats and calories.

Nowadays, there are fitness-based games that utilize motion-tracking systems, which will monitor your performance.

Video games are also are a great way of doing something engaging with your kids while getting the most out of it in terms of exercise.


Going for a hike comes with a myriad of benefits. First, you will savor a new experience. Secondly, aside from sight-seeing or visiting a new place, you will also be burning the calories and get your blood pumping. You can go for short hikes during weekends or plan for longer ones that take days.

Taking up a sport

Sportsmen and women burn a lot of calories, and most of them have fit bodies as the results of their activities. Instead of going to the gym, why not join a sports league or team of something that you love and enjoy to play? You will have a far more satisfying experience, and you are more likely to burn more fats and improve the tone of your body and muscles.


Taking out your dog for a walk or simply strolling through a park while enjoying the best of nature’s beauty also counts as exercise. Walking has a lot of health benefits that also help you stay fit.

Working out at home

If you don’t want to go through the hustle of stepping outside your house, you can try out simple indoor exercises. They are cheaper and will require very little equipment. All you need is a workout space.

Obstacle courses

This option is for the adventurous souls that feel standard exercises don’t just cut out for them. You can create your own obstacle courses within your compound or around the neighborhood using simple materials such as tires. The upside to this type of activity is that you can even get some of the neighbors to participate. These activities will be fun and more fulfilling as exercise alternatives.


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