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Here’s How Beat Saber Game Can Help You Get Fit

Staying fit is not a choice. That’s not something just the celebrities need to care about. With every extra pound that you gain, you put unnecessary strain on your body and cardiovascular system. Excess fat is a major reason for heart disorders and claims numerous lives in the US every year.  While lifestyle changes, unhealthy eating habits, late working hours, pollution, etc., have been the reason for all these years. However, the past few months have given a whole new reason to people.

The pandemic outbreak meant all the gyms and fitness centers go out of operation. And staying at home means not being able to work out more often, relaxing on the couch all day long, and consuming a high-calorie diet. The baking and cooking obsession that most of us have developed in recent months does not help. With all the weight gain and sudden lifestyle change, experts worry there would be a new concern about obesity to fight off society after the pandemic ends.

If you are stuck at home too and looking for ways to shed the fat without working out the dull, boring way, here’s what you could do.

Work Out the Fun Way

A new age solution is what is necessary for a new-age problem. Video games have always had a huge fan base, and why not. They’re proven to reduce stress, give a break from the monotony of life, and transport you to a whole new world. And the past few years is seeing an increase in video games that not only entertain and engage but also build health.

There are many video games that you could choose from based on your interest. For instance, if you are a boxing fanatic who cannot step out and fight in the ring due to the pandemic or other reasons, you could Fitness Boxing (Nintendo Switch) and start boxing at home.

You could also try to get fit with Zumba or other dance with games like Just Dance 2020 that comes on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Wii, and Stadi. You could also try games like Zumba Burn It Up on Nintendo Switch, which helps you get fit by dancing.  However, the one game that’s immensely popular and has been around for a while is Beat Saber.

Beat Saber

It is a popular VR or virtual reality game popular for its adrenaline rushing music and gaming pace. Beat Games is the developer and publisher of this highly addictive game that is available on Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows. On wearing the VR headsets, the joysticks transform into lightsabers, which the players use to chop through the blocks that fly in their direction. Involving a lot of movements, crouching, and jumping, the game is futuristic in terms of design and immensely beneficial to the health of the players.

The EDM tracks and the compelling visuals are a great cross over Guitar Hero with Star Wars and Fruit Ninja. There are lightsabers, the chopping of objects, and playing around in a virtual world. While the launch of this game was on May 21, 2019, it is only after the pandemic outbreak that the game is becoming a household name.

Beat Saber for Cardio

Research evidence and real-life case studies of gamers suggest that this game is an immensely beneficial cardiovascular workout. It requires a relatively smaller working space in comparison to other cardio gym equipment.

The game focuses on swift upper body movements with a few lower body movements and occasional squats too. And this makes for a great workout. Several people have reported losing weight by playing this game religiously for around 20 minutes every day.

Yes, just 20 minutes of this game would help you lose ample weight if you do it for six months. However, exercise caution and do not overdo it. While the game is highly addictive, it might cause harm and increase the strain on your cardiovascular and muscular system if not done right.

Remember to warm up before you start playing the game, just the way you would before you start working out. This will make sure you will not accidentally pull a muscle or hurt yourself. Talking to your fitness coach and fellow gamers would come in handy too.

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