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Here’s How Technology is Changing the Trends of the Fitness Industry

A lot of people were seen cruising around on bicycles during the lockdown period. So, what was it? Was it a social media trend that people were living up to? Or did a lot of them decide to go green? No! Due to gyms being closed people, obsessed with fitness, wanted to stay in shape and retain their muscles and people who weren’t going to gyms decided to pick up a healthy hobby to do something productive with the extra time they had. However, for these fitness fanatics, there were other ways to stay in shape outside of fitness centers and gyms. A lot of these methods included the use of technology, such as smartwatches and VR sets.

Now that the gyms have reopened, fitness enthusiasts are still opting out of professional trainers. Luckily technological advancements in the fitness industry have made it possible for them to exercise in their homes and keep track of their fitness without the need of a trainer, available at their local gym.

Turning Your Home into a Gym

There’s no need for you to go to the gym and wait for Chad to finish his set, so you can use the dumbbells. You don’t even have to go to the running course to fulfill your cardio needs.

Advancements, in exercising equipment, have made all machines concise. To the point where you can fit 3 to 4 of the basic ones in a small room. The technological alternative to walking on a course is walking on a treadmill, and traditional cycling has now been replaced with a stationary bicycle.

The benefits of having an in-house gym are that, firstly you save on the time and resources that would go into going to your local gym. Secondly, having a gym in the next room will motivate you to work out, whereas you might not want to go to an out of house gym after a long and rather tiring day at work.

Smart Appliances Maintain a Fitness Routine

People who go into a fitness program require a trainer who can keep track of their exercising activity, mainly to measure how much they have progressed since they started. But getting a trainer means going to a gym, and if that’s not what you want to do, you can thank your smartwatch and your smartphone for fulfilling a trainer’s duties.

Without a doubt, the smartwatch is the new and perfect alternative to a traditional, human, trainer. With this gadget, you can see how far away you are from your daily goals, keep a check on the intensity of your workout routine and measure your heart rate.

While smartwatches will only show you the necessary details of the moment you raise your wrist to check it, every smartwatch comes with a compatible application on your smartphone, which gives an entire chart of the details.

When paired with your smartphone you can easily compare your workouts on a daily basis to formulate your plan of action for the next day. This is also important concerning your heart rate so you know when an exercise starts to get too much.

Finding Personalized Workout Routines Online

Just like you’ll be needing a trainer to record your progress, you also need a trainer to tell you what exercises will provide you with the best outcome.

It is important for people to know what the right routine is for them. Blindly following a routine that sounds best can be problematic for individuals as everyone has a unique body, and following the wrong routine can waste your time and resources while also causing you harm.

Technological improvements have provided people with personalized workout routines for their specific bodies.

The best example of this is a phone application, Nike Training Club (NTC). NTC provides routines for everyone based on their body specifications and what they eventually want to achieve. It includes trained professionals performing exercises, as a part of its package, so that people following it don’t make any mistakes.

YouTube is the biggest online source available to pick up workout routines from. There’s a variety of professionals providing guidance and advice as to how one can tread their way through the fitness world.

Technology has completely changed the way we view fitness today. There’s a machine, gadget, application, or a helping video for everyone out there. The only advancement that may come next is a machine that would work out for us itself.

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