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Are You Lagging Behind on Your Fitness Routine? Here’s How to Boost it Back Up

The grass is getting greener, trees are blossoming, and birds are singing. It means that the spring season has finally begun. This is the best time to reassess your fitness routine, get yourself back on track, and regain your lost spring. These fitness techniques will help you update your routine and help you get back in shape.

Eat and Drink at the Right Time

There are times when we forget how food is an integral part of maintaining the routine. Food is like fuel. Getting something inside your stomach gets you working all day. However, having the right amount of food is essential. Know that 1 to 3 hours before exercise, get yourself something to eat. The best would be to eat protein alongside carbohydrates together like peanut butter and banana or Greek yogurt with berries. Avoid high sugar content food.

Staying hydrated is equally important as eating. The best would be to drink water all day, especially an hour before your exercise. When you are done with your exercise session, the sweat evaporates from your skin, taking all the body heat and the body fluids as well. To replace the fluids that were lost because of sweating, drinking water is the only solution to getting it back. This is the only way you can hydrate yourself and cool your body from the inside.

Stretch and Start Slow

At times, you might want to skip this part. Stretching by warming up and cooling is important to have a successful routine. It helps you prepare your body for the exercise and gives your body a chance to go slow. When you stretch properly, there is less chance for stiff and sore muscles. Static stretches, where you extend a certain muscle group and hold the stretch, should be done when your body is already warmed up.

Go easy on yourself. Starting from a slow pace and working your way towards achieving your goal is the best way you can make your way slowly into any exercise. If you start off with difficult or fast routines, you will get tired very quickly, sore, or worse injured. Try a 10-minute work or go on a cleaning hunt but with a purpose, or look for a reason to go on a walk. There are so many ideas that can work in taking things slow. Come up with similar ideas and add them to your workout routine. Just don’t go hard on yourself. Give yourself some time and you will be able to achieve your goal.

Don’t Forget to Take a Break

When you exercise, you cause small tears in your muscle fibers which are why they require time to heal. Rest for a while to make that happen. Get lots of sleep, around seven to nine hours every night, before starting a new routine exercise because lack of a good night’s sleep does not only affects your exercise performance but slows down the ability of your body to get back stronger every time you work out.

Change the types of exercise you perform to prevent any muscle group from tightening and overloading. For instance, if your type of exercise is running, try to add biking, or swimming to your routine.

Break Down Your Fitness Routine

It is not necessary that you do your workout session in one go. Divide it into different portions. Maybe ten minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening is all that you need. It will be the same as doing exercising in 30 minutes all at once.

Try yoga or exercise. It definitely does wonders. It is the best way for self-care and gives your muscles the opportunity to relax and recover from a powerful workout session.

Also, shift to free weights. Once the newbies have learned the correct form using the weight machines and got the hang of it, it is now time to shift to free weights. Free weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells result in increased hormonal responses in comparison to when performed on exercise machines. It is because these free weight exercises cover a larger range of muscles.

Hope these tips work well for you. Just remember that if you’re just starting off, go easy on yourself, don’t try to implement all these tricks all at once.

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